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Back Up Your SaaS Data — Because Most SaaS Providers Don't

sponsored by Spanning Cloud Apps Published: 29 Dec 2017 Research Content

This Forrester report is designed to help I&O leaders navigate the landscape of SaaS services and data recovery. Click inside to learn everything from What potential data management issues your SaaS provider ...

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A Computer Weekly buyer’s guide to hybrid cloud

sponsored by ComputerWeekly.com Published: 04 Apr 2014 Essential Guide

Computer Weekly looks at how to find the best hybrid cloud provider for your organisation, the impact of hybrid cloud on the infrastructure manager and how Microsoft is catching up with the cloud market with Azure.

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Why True Cloud Solutions and SaaS Software are Not the Same

sponsored by GEP Published: 31 Dec 2017 White Paper

Find out why it's important to differentiate between things like cloud-native and cloud-based, plus find out how the differences between cloud platforms impact their ability to meet your current and future business...

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The Cloud and HR: Choosing the Right SaaS Application

sponsored by SearchBusinessAnalytics Published: 24 Jul 2013 eGuide

This expert e-guide from SearchFinancialApplications.com outlines four questions to ask potential service providers before signing an HR SaaS contract. In addition, uncover the top five HR technology trends for ...

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How to Scale your SaaS with Public Cloud Analytics

sponsored by VMware Published: 20 Nov 2017 eBook

Every organization is at a different stage in their cloud journey, but no matter how far along you are, how you monitor applications running on both public and private cloud infrastructures is critical. In this ...

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Cloud Security: Combat Threats to Your SaaS-Powered Business

sponsored by Arctic Wolf Published: 09 Oct 2018 White Paper

In today's rapidly evolving threat landscape, businesses require cybersecurity strategies that leverage capabilities delivered by a world-class SOC. Download this white paper to learn how you can establish a ...

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Drive Digital Transformation with SaaS and Cloud-Enabled ERP

sponsored by Oracle NetSuite Published: 30 Sep 2017 Research Content

In this IDC report, learn about the impact of SaaS and cloud-enabled ERP software adoption on businesses undergoing digital transformations.

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Cloud Content Security: Understanding SaaS data protection

sponsored by SearchSecurity.com Published: 30 Apr 2012 eGuide

This expert e-guide examines the growing trend of SaaS security, or cloud-based security services. Learn about the pros and cons of adopting SaaS security in your organization.

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Cloud Computing Trends in China

sponsored by Alibaba Cloud Published: 05 Dec 2017 White Paper

In this white paper learn about how cloud adoption came about in china, and how it will continue to grow. Then explore how the government is adapting its regulatory compliance laws to accommodate the cloud, and ...

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The Real SaaS Manifesto

sponsored by Workday Published: 31 Dec 2016 White Paper

Learn how best to select and implement SaaS apps for key functions like human capital management and talent management.

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