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Publishing Test

sponsored by Lead Approval II Test Org Published: 08 Nov 2018 Analyst Brief

Publishing Test

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Building Test Data that Delivers on the Promise of Agile Development

sponsored by CA Technologies Published: 26 Jul 2018 White Paper

Testing shouldn't be holding up your development process when you need to get apps and updates out quickly to meet demand. Read this whitepaper to learn how you can automate the testing data retrieval process.

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Testing Trends for 2018: A Survey of Development and Testing Professionals

sponsored by Sauce Labs Published: 28 Feb 2018 White Paper

Testing was once a rather straightforward process that happened all at once right before an application was released. That's certainly changed today. How are testing professionals dealing with this increased demand...

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The Challenges of Scaling Mobile Testing: A Guide to Developing a Strategy for Mobile QA Testing at Scale

sponsored by Rainforest QA Inc. Published: 01 May 2018 White Paper

The mobile QA process can be challenging due to a rapidly shifting product landscape, complex real-world use cases, mobile testing workflows, and lack of mobile testing experts. Download this guide to learn how to ...

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Cloud and DevOps practices help make app development a breeze

sponsored by SearchCloudApplications Published: 26 Jan 2017 eBook

Individually, cloud and DevOps can be complicated processes to streamline. Find out how some businesses are making the best of both situations by bringing cloud and DevOps environments together as one.

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Leveraging the Cloud for App Test/Dev Teams

sponsored by Commvault Published: 25 Sep 2015 White Paper

In this white paper, learn 5 reasons to run app testing and development in the cloud. Plus, learn how a production-level environment in the cloud can accelerate data cloud recovery and migration.

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Top Use Cases for Development in the Cloud

sponsored by Oracle Corporation Published: 31 Dec 2016 White Paper

In 2017, demand for app development services grew five-times faster than what the average IT organization was capable of. Click to learn how cloud services can offer a solution, and discover some of the top use ...

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Dev/Test/Demo Environments: VMware on IBM Cloud

sponsored by IBM Published: 31 Dec 2016 White Paper

Read on to discover how to gain the agility and security you need to support rapid app development and testing cycles with VMware on IBM Cloud—which allows you to physically separate and extend your on-premises ...

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Take Your App Development Strategy to the Cloud

sponsored by Oracle Corporation UK Ltd Published: 31 Dec 2017 White Paper

Learn about the Oracle Cloud and find out how you can modernize app development in hybrid cloud environments without sacrificing IT security or control over critical data or business processes.

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Moving to the Cloud: A Developer's Perspective

sponsored by Oracle & Explorer Published: 08 Nov 2017 Case Study

The developer had hosted their application on a website, which was limited in the capabilities it offered. Specifically, it lacked direct database access. See how migrating the application to a database cloud ...

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