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Disaster recovery in the age of cloud

sponsored by ComputerWeekly.com Published: 20 Feb 2018 eGuide

The cloud is emerging as a key option for disaster recovery. Its benefits include reduced costs and taking advantage of the provider's skills when you may not have them in-house. But when is it best to go cloud for...

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Cloud Backup and Cloud Disaster Recovery Essential Guide

sponsored by SearchStorage.com Published: 13 Jul 2012 Essential Guide

Cloud backup and disaster recovery services have matured and are now viable alternatives for enterprise data protection environments. Hybrid approaches can effectively integrate on-premises systems with cloud ...

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Cloud DR Simplifies Hybrid IT Data Recovery

sponsored by Dell EMC Published: 24 May 2019 White Paper

Recognizing the complexities associated with heterogeneous hybrid environments, this custom, TechTarget-produced white paper explains how cloud disaster recovery (DR) offers a cohesive data protection and recovery ...

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Digital West Delivers Disaster Recovery for Cloud Customers with VMware vCloud

sponsored by VMware Published: 02 May 2019 Case Study

Read this case study to learn how Digital West chose Vmware vCloud® Availability Cloud to Cloud Disaster Recovery to provide a cloud-based DR solution that is easy to deploy and cost effective.

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500 IT Leaders Weigh in on the State of DRaaS

sponsored by ClearSky Data Published: 18 Apr 2019 Webcast

To get a pulse on the current state of DRaaS, ClearSky Data ran a survey of over 500 IT leaders. Click here to see the results, which include the percentage of folks relying on physical secondary data centers, 4 ...

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Key Terms for Cloud Disaster Recovery

sponsored by Druva Software Published: 06 Sep 2019 eGuide

We've pulled together 9 must-know cloud DR terms in the following e-guide to help you re-orient yourself in the ever-growing sea of terminology. Download the guide to see for yourself which terms should be top of ...

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