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Object Storage for Every CIO

sponsored by Western Digital Published: 02 Oct 2017 Video

In this video, Steve Philpott, CIO of Western Digital, discusses the benefits of implementing object storage and implores you to see how you may benefit from applying object storage to a wide variety of use ...

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Critical Capabilities for Object Storage

sponsored by Western Digital Published: 30 Jan 2019 Analyst Report

Gartner compares 13 object storage products against eight critical capabilities in this report. Saving your copy grants you access to Gartner's analysis, which includes an evaluation of each product's metadata ...

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Object Storage 101

sponsored by ComputerWeekly.com Published: 07 Feb 2017 Essential Guide

Standard file and block storage have their places, but there is an increasing move to object storage to meet the governance, risk and compliance needs of organisations, while also providing enhanced information ...

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Focus: Object storage

sponsored by ComputerWeekly.com Published: 06 Jun 2017 eGuide

Object storage does away with the tree-like hierarchies of file systems used by traditional storage NAS and SAN systems.

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Cohasset Associates Assesses IBM Cloud Object Storage's Compliance Capabilities

sponsored by IBM Published: 31 Dec 2018 White Paper

In this report, Cohasset Associates assesses IBM Cloud Object Storage's ability to meet the electronic records recording, storage, and retention requirements of the Securities and Exchange Commission, Financial ...

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How to Choose an Object Storage Solution

sponsored by Scality Published: 26 Feb 2019 White Paper

The global data-sphere will balloon to nearly 163 zettabytes by 2025, 80% of which will be comprised of unstructured data. Inside, read through the six factors to look for in an object-based storage platform to ...

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Storage trends 2016: Storage priorities, cloud appliances and NAS vs object storage

sponsored by ComputerWeekly.com Published: 18 Apr 2016 eGuide

This guide offers a collection of our most popular articles on storage-related issues from the first few months of 2016.

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Brief on IBM Spectrum NAS, Spectrum Scale, and Cloud Object Storage

sponsored by IBM Published: 17 Sep 2018 Resource

This brief covers the features and use cases of IBM Spectrum NAS, as well as two other systems in the IBM family: Spectrum Scale and Cloud Object Storage. Read on to learn when and where to use each system, with a ...

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Advantages of Object Storage and How It Differs from Alternatives

sponsored by Western Digital Published: 20 May 2019 eGuide

This TechTarget-produced expert guide digs into the advantages of object storage and how it differs from other storage technologies. Download now for a rundown of key characteristics; a bakeoff between object, file...

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On-premises, in the Cloud and Hybrid: Object Storage Options and Use Cases

sponsored by Western Digital Published: 20 May 2019 eGuide

This expert guide looks at how object storage is tackling the issue of unstructured data volumes. Access it now for an in-depth look at object storage use cases and 11 vendors to see for yourself if it's a good fit...

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