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OpenText Enterprise World Europe: CEO Barrenechea stakes claim for EIM as competitive edge

13 Mar 2019

OpenText’s CEO and CTO Mark Barrenechea used his keynote at the company’s inaugural Enterprise World Europe customer and partner conference in Vienna to make a case for enterprise information management as a ... Read More

Exploring the SAP ERP system lineup

02 Oct 2018

With its five main ERP products, SAP cast a wide net in the ERP market. Here's a rundown of SAP ERP software offerings, including its stalwart on-prem ERP and next-gen S/4HANA. Read More

The benefits of IAM can far outweigh the costs

17 Jul 2019

Identity and access management is a critical piece of enterprise information security. But the benefits of IAM go beyond illuminating who -- and what -- might be using your network. Read More

CFOs could benefit from digital technologies in finance

23 May 2019

Find out why emerging digital technologies like chatbots, blockchain, AI and machine learning are not only beneficial to finance, but can also serve as useful tools for the CFO. Read More

A complete guide to SAP Cloud Platform integration

01 Nov 2018

There's a lot to consider when contemplating a move to SAP Cloud Platform, and this Essential Guide provides a starting point, including practical advice, case studies and in-depth analysis. Read More

SaaS ERP systems can include hidden costs

04 Sep 2018

Cloud hype tells us that SaaS ERP systems are less expensive to run than on-premises systems, but experts warn of hidden costs that you have to account for before moving to the cloud. Read More

Pressures mount on SMBs to modernize aging ERP processes

06 Aug 2018

To upgrade or replace their old and cranky ERP systems, SMBs must consider several options, and the cloud figures prominently. But the final decision is seen shifting away from IT. Read More

Closer look at SAP cloud integration with Cloud Platform tools

10 Jan 2019

Time to connect all the moving parts of the digital enterprise. But are the SAP integration tools up to the task? Experts give the lowdown on APIs, ABAP and more. Read More

NetSuite CEO Evan Goldberg: Oracle ownership is symbiotic

31 Jan 2019

Evan Goldberg, chief executive officer and founder of NetSuite, talks about the company’s narrative, from cloud applications pioneer to its acquisition by Oracle Read More

5 things to know about Salesforce Customer 360

11 Apr 2019

Salesforce Customer 360 -- a tool that connects customer data stored in multiple silos -- is currently in beta and will be available to all users later this year. Read More