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How Oracle RPA systems can automate business tasks for users

19 Jul 2019

Robotic process automation software can be integrated into Oracle environments to help strengthen business operations by augmenting workers with software robots. Read More

Logically targets MSP companies in acquisition plan

08 Apr 2019

Logically, a newly launched managed service provider, joins the list of organizations pursuing MSP acquisitions, with the goal of creating a nationwide IT services platform. Read More

Exploring the SAP ERP system lineup

02 Oct 2018

With its five main ERP products, SAP cast a wide net in the ERP market. Here's a rundown of SAP ERP software offerings, including its stalwart on-prem ERP and next-gen S/4HANA. Read More

Migrating to Oracle ERP Cloud pays off for Caesars

05 Oct 2017

No role of the dice: Caesars Entertainment's move from decades-old green screens to Oracle ERP Cloud could only succeed after meticulous project planning and change management. Read More

SAP Q1 2019 results: 400 more S/4 Hana sign-ups, €1.5bn in cloud

24 Apr 2019

SAP’s first-quarter 2019 financial results indicate cloud revenue at 26% of total, and 400 new customers for S/4 Hana. Senior executive losses, restructure and Qualtrix acquisition cost bite into profit Read More

'SAP Nation 3.0' examines the state of the SAP economy

27 Jun 2019

In this Q&A, analyst Vinnie Mirchandani discusses his book, 'SAP Nation 3.0,' the third in a series that examines the expansion of the SAP software empire and how companies manage it. Read More

SaaS ERP systems can include hidden costs

04 Sep 2018

Cloud hype tells us that SaaS ERP systems are less expensive to run than on-premises systems, but experts warn of hidden costs that you have to account for before moving to the cloud. Read More

Pressures mount on SMBs to modernize aging ERP processes

06 Aug 2018

To upgrade or replace their old and cranky ERP systems, SMBs must consider several options, and the cloud figures prominently. But the final decision is seen shifting away from IT. Read More

Oracle Analytics Cloud update unifies BI products, pricing

25 Jun 2019

Oracle Analytics Cloud now offers a consistent UI and all-in-one pricing for Oracle's analytics tools. But an on-premises BI update is also on the way for cloud holdouts. Read More

A complete guide to SAP Cloud Platform integration

01 Nov 2018

There's a lot to consider when contemplating a move to SAP Cloud Platform, and this Essential Guide provides a starting point, including practical advice, case studies and in-depth analysis. Read More