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Deploy ERP on a global scale with NetSuite OneWorld cloud ERP software

29 Jun 2016

NetSuite OneWorld, a cloud-based ERP system, is adept at managing multiple entities on a global scale. Read More

Discover the core ERP system components

21 Aug 2019

Discover core ERP systems components, as well as the benefits and challenges of implementing ERP in your organization. Read More

9 ERP use cases to consider before buying an ERP system

15 Aug 2019

Choosing the right ERP system requires considering a dizzying array of factors from company size to business goals. To that end, here are nine use cases that can help simplify your research. Read More

Software maker flourishes with cloud-based ERP

25 Sep 2015

Software maker BRG couldn't justify traditional on-premises ERP, but a cloud-based ERP system proved to be a perfect choice. Read More

ERP skills gap may open with moves to the cloud

09 Jan 2019

Organizations must decide between using internal experts or outside consultants as they implement ERP systems. Experts say a combination of both may be the best option. Read More

IFS, Acumatica take aim at top-tier ERP vendors -- together

25 Jul 2019

IFS and Acumatica now share the same corporate ownership with EQT Partners, which creates the potential for the two ERP companies to collaborate on technology and business resources. Read More

S/4HANA migration concerns lead SAP 2019 stories so far

15 Aug 2019

Industry observers believe that if SAP is to remain competitive, S/4HANA migrations need to pick up, and new leadership needs to convince customers of the intelligent enterprise's value. Read More

APAC firms in developed markets warm up to cloud ERP

03 Jul 2019

A majority of large enterprises in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore are planning to move their financial applications to the cloud within a year Read More

As SaaS ERP, S/4HANA Cloud not meant to replicate ECC

19 Jul 2019

In a Q&A, Jan Gilg, SAP's new global head of S/4HANA, joined SVP Sven Denecken to explain the differences between the on-premises and cloud versions of S/4. Read More

ERP vendors get high marks in Panorama report

30 May 2019

A substantial majority of ERP customers are satisfied with their ERP vendors, according to a new report from Panorama Consulting. But whether they're realizing the benefits of ERP implementations remains unclear. Read More