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Can cloud-based ERP buy you business agility?

03 Oct 2017

Enterprise applications has evolved into silos of software systems. The cloud is now offering a different approach to ERP Read More

How does SAP S/4HANA digital core enable digital transformation?

30 Aug 2018

The S/4HANA digital core is an initiative of SAP to help companies turn big data emanating from various sources, such as sensors, into actionable insights. Here's a look. Read More

Oracle chosen as provider of shared ERP system for colleges

15 Jan 2018

Private, nonprofit colleges are discovering they can reduce back-office IT costs by working together. Novel approaches are emerging to reduce the financial drain of ERP systems. Read More

Office Depot says 'no' to Oracle ERP Cloud customizations

01 Feb 2018

Office Depot believes it's possible to run its HCM, EPM and supply chain on the Oracle ERP Cloud without customizations. The retailer says it will save money and headaches. Analysts agree. Read More

The future of employee productivity begins in back office

03 Jul 2018

The technology innovations that increase employee productivity are being supported by ERP systems, and this includes embedded AI technologies. Read More

Cloud-based accounting software can be hub of tailored 'ERP'

05 Jan 2018

Users explain why they chose their cloud core financial system and the thought process that goes into adding applications for key functions, like procurement, HR and case management. Read More

PLM platforms evolve for a role in IoT

29 Jun 2018

Integration with IoT systems can extend the possibilities for PLM platforms, but according to experts, they must first evolve technically to handle the IoT data and processes. Read More

Run SAP ERP modules as SaaS in the SAP Business One Cloud

14 Jul 2016

With SAP ERP modules like accounting and finance and inventory and distribution management, SAP Business One Cloud is a full-fledged cloud ERP system for businesses of all sizes. Read More

Understanding the role of the intelligent enterprise in HR

25 Jan 2019

The intelligent enterprise can streamline HR processes and enable better decision-making with data. It can also aid in recruiting and improving the employee experience. Read More

What are your S/4HANA supply chain software integration options?

21 Aug 2018

Starting with S/4HANA supply chain software and adding additional capabilities through components such as Ariba and C/4HANA can solve some of the thorniest supply chain issues. Read More