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Microsoft doubles down on Office 365 AI capabilities

28 Sep 2018

Microsoft confirmed its strategic commitment to Office 365, delivering an improved version that includes new AI and machine learning features. Read More

AWS ERP migration required staff buy-in and curiosity

19 Dec 2017

East Tennessee State University is moving its ERP systems from its data center to Amazon Web Services. It's a big project, and essential to its success was getting the IT staff on board. Read More

Nordic CIO interview: Jussi Sorvali, HMD Global

16 Mar 2018

The head of IT at Finland-based smartphone maker HMD Global turned to the cloud to get the entire IT department up and running quickly Read More

Five ways ECM software can benefit your organization

16 Nov 2018

Think your business needs content management tools? Here are five use cases illustrating how ECM software addresses common compliance and management challenges that companies face. Read More

Hybrid cloud a key milestone on the road to cloud storage

15 Aug 2018

The cloud seems to lend itself to use as a storage location. There are lots of bumps in the road, however, and hybrid cloud should be a key medium-term aim for organisations Read More

Top 10 Nordic IT stories for 2018

18 Dec 2018

Here are Computer Weekly's top 10 Nordic articles for 2018, with a look back at CIO interviews and the effect of AI on the region Read More

Strides in SMB technology helping more Davids compete with Goliaths

28 Oct 2016

The cloud is making enterprise applications more accessible than ever for small businesses, while data technology is nourishing a new crop of startups. Read More

Is Microsoft Dynamics ERP in it for the long haul?

27 Oct 2017

Microsoft may be squandering a great enterprise product set with Dynamics ERP, says one analyst, but others believe that the platform is just undergoing a shift to cloud. Read More

C/4HANA suite gets qualified thumbs up at SAP Sapphire Now

08 Jun 2018

SAP debuts its Salesforce challenger, C/4HANA, at Sapphire Now 2018. But users probably won't implement it soon, and questions remain about SAP's ability to redefine the CRM market. Read More

What the 3 versions of Oracle Cloud at Customer offer users

01 Nov 2018

Oracle's Cloud at Customer service lets users run its cloud technologies in their data centers. Here's what users get in the different versions of the managed service. Read More