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SAP CX move with Qualtrics challenges Salesforce, Oracle

13 Nov 2018

By acquiring Qualtrics, SAP is expanding beyond ERP and entering the CX space, challenging market leaders Salesforce, Oracle and Adobe. It also is expanding its HR tech suite. Read More

The risk of upgrading to S/4 Hana

21 Aug 2018

S/4 Hana has been touted as the evolution of SAP's long-standing ERP suite, but with just six years to upgrade, how can businesses avoid an expensive SAP flop? Read More

IPaaS tools aim to alleviate app integration troubles

03 Jul 2018

With the rise of hybrid cloud architectures, there's a heightened need for more sophisticated app and data integration tools. IPaaS can help but isn't necessarily a cure-all. Read More

EAM systems work best when well integrated with ERP

30 Nov 2017

Asset-intensive industries that rely on the effective performance of their physical assets need to start seeing EAM and ERP systems as partners, and not competitors. Read More

Pladis aims to get closer to consumers with S/4 Hana

10 Sep 2018

Pladis, a UK-based Turkish-owned multinational biscuit and chocolate maker, has turned to cloud-delivered SAP software to move from a product-focused to a customer-centric way of doing business Read More

AWS, Oracle trash talk spotlights cloud database migration

14 Nov 2018

Amazon says its consumer division has dumped Oracle's database platform, and the company will offload most workloads by year's end. Will it inspire AWS customers to do the same? Read More

Evolving to Hybrid Cloud for a Digital-First Business

18 Sep 2018

As organisations move toward digital-first business, many are looking to a hybrid cloud model for the innovation, agility and scale it offers to accommodate their complex and varying workloads. Read More

Birmingham City University embraces Oracle ERP software

29 Sep 2017

Birmingham City University turns to Oracle ERP Cloud and HCM Cloud to revamp its IT strategy and employee-facing functions, but finds fast-paced implementation a challenge. Read More

Open source low-code platforms extend app dev capabilities

31 Aug 2018

Enterprises want their apps to go to market as fast as possible. Low-code platforms accelerate development processes, and with open source, these platforms are more customizable. Read More

SAP Q2 2018: Cloud revenue shows momentum, 600 more S/4 customers

19 Jul 2018

SAP’s second-quarter results show cloud revenue now at one-fifth of total, indicating momentum. S/4 Hana customers now number 8,900 Read More