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ERP's changing role in digital transformation strategy

22 Aug 2017

Panorama Consulting Solutions' founder, Eric Kimberling, discusses why ERP remains central to organizations' digital transformation strategy, the roadblocks ahead for ERP vendors and strategies to mitigate them. Read More

Intelligent BPM helps connect ERP with other enterprise apps

01 Nov 2017

As more enterprises seek to overlay iBPM atop ERP systems, experts recommend they target complex processes, modularize applications and avoid extensive ERP customization. Read More

ERP vendors doing more to support digital manufacturing technologies

28 Jun 2017

Efforts by SAP, Oracle, Infor and Epicor vary widely in their comprehensiveness and depth, as do their philosophies about whether to develop a separate digital manufacturing platform. Read More

Teradata sues SAP over Hana for stealing trade secrets

20 Jun 2018

Data warehousing supplier Teradata is suing SAP in a Californian court for stealing trade secrets, copyright infringement and antitrust violations Read More

SAP partner program delivers applications for SMB market

31 May 2018

SAP partners are optimistic that a new program for qualifying their applications and making them available on the cloud will drive new business in the SMB market. Read More

Survey says: ERP changes, more human-machine interactions coming by 2030

06 Feb 2018

A Dell survey finds strong belief that humans and machines will work as integrated teams within five years. ERP systems, especially inventory, will be top automation target. Read More

Agility, scale rate highly in cloud ERP financial management systems

18 May 2017

By moving ERP functions to multi-tenant SaaS, companies are giving up some control but may be saving costs and benefiting from automatic and regular updates, easier use and scale. Read More

Plattner: 'Speed is the essence' for SAP HANA Data Management Suite

27 Jun 2018

It's nothing new, but SAP HANA Data Management Suite could simplify the vendor's data management portfolio. SAP also embeds cloud analytics into S/4HANA Cloud. Read More

2018 UK software budgets double for AI and blockchain

22 Jan 2018

Artificial intelligence and blockchain initiatives are earmarked for a doubling of investment, finds the Computer Weekly/TechTarget IT Priorities survey for 2018 Read More

The risks and rewards of a multivendor ERP strategy

02 Jun 2017

As old-school mega ERP implementations increasingly fall out of favor, companies are now picking and choosing software. Here are some of the issues that these choices create. Read More