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Cloud-based accounting software can be hub of tailored 'ERP'

05 Jan 2018

Users explain why they chose their cloud core financial system and the thought process that goes into adding applications for key functions, like procurement, HR and case management. Read More

Employee engagement and retention top of mind in 2018

21 Dec 2018

If our list of the top 10 most popular HR software stories of 2018 says anything, it's that employee engagement and retention were top of mind for HR leaders this year. Read More

Strides in SMB technology helping more Davids compete with Goliaths

28 Oct 2016

The cloud is making enterprise applications more accessible than ever for small businesses, while data technology is nourishing a new crop of startups. Read More

20 milestones at the Apache Software Foundation

27 Mar 2019

Not at all a question of parts unknown, more a case of parts where some are better known than others. The Apache Software Foundation (ASF)’s Jim Jagielski and Sally Khudairi have detailed 20 major ... Read More

Estimate cloud computing costs prior to app migration

18 Oct 2018

Enterprises should enlist a number of resources, including cost calculators and third-party tools, to assess what they'll pay for cloud computing -- before they start migration. Read More

A complete guide to buying enterprise accounting software

11 Jul 2018

Learn more about the accounting software vendors and products that make up the enterprise accounting software market, which serves small and midsize enterprise accounting needs. Read More

SAP Leonardo IoT bridges gap between IoT and transactional data

27 Feb 2019

SAP wants to stake a claim in IoT with SAP Leonardo IoT and integration with Microsoft Azure IoT Hub, but observers call the announcement more marketing exercise than anything. Read More

Critical advice on the enterprise asset management market

14 Dec 2017

Infor, SAP, Epicor and Oracle all offer EAM products. Here's a look at why you might consider one over another. Read More

In-depth look at what the Oracle-Microsoft agreement means to CIOs

10 Jun 2019

The Oracle-Microsoft deal could solve technical problems that curtail cloud strategies, letting CIOs focus on business criteria. It could also introduce new complexity. Read More

Selecting SaaS accounting software need not be intimidating

25 Jan 2018

There's an accounting software package for every size of business and type of industry, but the selection process can be complicated. Here's how to cut to the chase. Read More