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ROI of ERP on SaaS often in easy upgrades, new opportunities

27 Dec 2017

The case has expanded beyond the upfront savings of SaaS' early days to encompass quicker, cheaper tech upgrades and new lines of business not otherwise possible. Read More

Hana and S/4 users more sophisticated but beset by licensing doubts

22 Feb 2018

Research sponsored by SAP consultancy Centiq finds SAP customers maturing their use of SAP Hana and S/4 Hana, but hindered by licensing concerns and dearth of skills Read More

SAP HANA uses converge on analytics, transactions and apps

12 Apr 2019

Many users, like clinical software maker HarrisLogic, combine all three HANA strengths in technology 'engines' for streamlined workflow, decision support and data integration. Read More

Find the best data integration tools for your organization

01 May 2019

Read analysis and comparisons of data integration tools to help you select the right platform from the leading commercial and open source products currently on the market. Read More

How SAP is riding on Asia’s growth story

14 Sep 2018

The enterprise software behemoth’s Asia-Pacific business is growing and believes its latest C/4 Hana suite is uniquely geared to the scale of the region Read More

AWS ERP migration required staff buy-in and curiosity

19 Dec 2017

East Tennessee State University is moving its ERP systems from its data center to Amazon Web Services. It's a big project, and essential to its success was getting the IT staff on board. Read More

The future of employee productivity begins in back office

03 Jul 2018

The technology innovations that increase employee productivity are being supported by ERP systems, and this includes embedded AI technologies. Read More

SAP executive board shuffle raises questions about its strategic direction

12 Apr 2019

Some analysts believe SAP's recent executive changes mean the new leaders must prove their development credibility as the company moves forward in an evolving technology market. Read More

PLM platforms evolve for a role in IoT

29 Jun 2018

Integration with IoT systems can extend the possibilities for PLM platforms, but according to experts, they must first evolve technically to handle the IoT data and processes. Read More

Is Microsoft Dynamics ERP in it for the long haul?

27 Oct 2017

Microsoft may be squandering a great enterprise product set with Dynamics ERP, says one analyst, but others believe that the platform is just undergoing a shift to cloud. Read More