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Enterprise drone adoption takes off -- with a few hurdles

04 Mar 2019

Enterprise drone applications are showcasing numerous benefits, but challenges stand in the way of widespread adoption -- namely, public safety and scalability. Read More

The modern approach to choosing an ERP system

21 Aug 2017

Today's ERP landscape offers more options than ever before. Here's a look at how two companies took a strategic approach to choosing the right software for their needs. Read More

ERP vendors doing more to support digital manufacturing technologies

28 Jun 2017

Efforts by SAP, Oracle, Infor and Epicor vary widely in their comprehensiveness and depth, as do their philosophies about whether to develop a separate digital manufacturing platform. Read More

SAP indirect access: Prepare for the impact on third-party applications

21 Nov 2017

SAP is acting in an anti-competitive manner and could be in breach of the US Sherman Act, according to a Duke University School of Law professor Read More

SAP Ariba gaining ground in APAC

22 Aug 2017

Companies like Woolworths and DuluxGroup in Australia are using the cloud-based service to reduce procurement costs and risks Read More

ERP's changing role in digital transformation strategy

22 Aug 2017

Panorama Consulting Solutions' founder, Eric Kimberling, discusses why ERP remains central to organizations' digital transformation strategy, the roadblocks ahead for ERP vendors and strategies to mitigate them. Read More

Oracle 2017-18 Q1 results: Cloud revenue jumps by 51%

15 Sep 2017

Oracle’s first quarter 2017-18 results show jump in cloud revenue of 51%, boosted by NetSuite acquisition. Executives continue to be bullish on cloud growth, and the AI makeover of core database is flagged Read More

Oracle Integration Cloud services fuse IoT and third-party apps

23 Jul 2018

How do you integrate IoT data with other feeds or third-party systems? Oracle has a unified platform to help get the job done. Read More

Agility, scale rate highly in cloud ERP financial management systems

18 May 2017

By moving ERP functions to multi-tenant SaaS, companies are giving up some control but may be saving costs and benefiting from automatic and regular updates, easier use and scale. Read More

5 must-read CX trends uncovered at Adobe Summit

03 Apr 2019

As CRM, customer service, marketing and e-commerce morph into customer experience, Adobe speakers, partners and users pinpoint five trends in CX to watch develop in the next two years. Read More