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When should you switch over to SAP Cloud Platform Portal?

28 May 2019

Consolidating on ABAP and moving off a mixed Java-ABAP environment are major reasons to shift from SAP Enterprise Portal to SAP Cloud Platform Portal. Read More

Oracle makes its ERP financials smarter -- and talkative

21 Mar 2019

At its user conference in Las Vegas, Oracle demonstrated how voice can now be used to conduct complex business actions, including financial ERP transactions. Read More

When event-driven messaging is the right choice

16 Apr 2019

Event-driven messaging and API messaging both have their place in application architecture. In this Q&A, a Gartner analyst explains when you might choose one over the other. Read More

Steep Google Anthos pricing geared toward large enterprises

19 Apr 2019

Google Anthos is the company's multi-cloud management play, but customers and prospects should mull the full picture when it comes to cost. Read More

Where does SAP S/4HANA public cloud fit in two-tier ERP?

21 Jan 2019

S/4HANA public cloud provides a less disruptive route to digital transformation than some options -- including the on-premises S/4 -- and smoother migration from legacy SAP. Read More

5 ERP trends the C-suite should keep an eye on

05 Mar 2019

ERP has been around for decades, but technology development is not stagnant. Here are some of the biggest ERP trends taking shape in 2019. Read More

A deep dive into Oracle Adaptive Intelligent Apps

29 May 2019

Oracle Vice President Melissa Boxer provides details on how Oracle Adaptive Intelligent Applications take 'repetitive and mundane' ERP and supply chain tasks off people's hands. Read More

Debate over ERP systems in the cloud plays out on top 10 list

19 Dec 2018

Cloud-based ERP or not? Based on the number of stories that appeared in our top 10 for 2018 list, CIOs seem to be asking the question. Read More

ERP alternatives are small but powerful systems for SMB manufacturers

01 Apr 2019

Small manufacturers that want full-functioning ERP systems don't have to go to the major vendors, as smaller ERP companies offer cost-effective systems and more personal service. Read More

Cloud bound: Does your business need a cloud ERP system?

27 Nov 2018

There are several factors -- including business size and cost -- that organizations should carefully consider when determining whether a cloud ERP system is the right choice. Read More