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Epicor debuts EVA, an AI virtual assistant for ERP

18 Apr 2019

Epicor users will soon be able to talk to or text their ERP systems through Epicor Virtual Agent, a new AI-based voice command UI that promises to improve productivity. Read More

TaylorMade Golf takes a shot with Oracle cloud database

28 Feb 2019

TaylorMade Golf's move to Oracle's cloud data warehouse has produced major performance improvements, but other important Oracle workloads will remain on premises for now. Read More

SAP S/4HANA Cloud 1902 release zeros in on manufacturing, finance

25 Feb 2019

New features in SAP S/4HANA 1902 are meant primarily for manufacturers, but they may be challenging to take advantage of without preparation. Read More

Oracle, Microsoft forge cloud pact

05 Jun 2019

Once bitter arch rivals, Oracle and Microsoft have formed an alliance around cloud interoperability, which is good for customers and both vendors. Read More

Cloud ERP vs. on-premises ERP: What are the differences?

05 Nov 2018

Understanding the differences between traditional on-premises ERP and SaaS ERP is critical before making any buying decisions. Here's how they compare in seven important areas. Read More

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure seeks a spot in the IaaS market

27 Jun 2019

Don't count out Oracle IaaS before knowing what it has to offer. Learn where Oracle Cloud Infrastructure excels and what to expect from this public cloud offering. Read More

Choosing cloud ERP vendors: Know what you need before going in

19 Nov 2018

Before deciding which cloud ERP vendors and cloud ERP software to evaluate, it's important for a business to determine its unique business needs and situation. Read More

Managed services model ripe for expansion: Kaseya, SolarWinds

15 Feb 2019

Channel companies have an opportunity to broaden their managed services offerings, according to new studies from Kaseya and SolarWinds; more news from the week. Read More

CFOs get argument for moving on-premises ERP systems to cloud

15 Feb 2018

Cloud services can boost the nation's productivity by making advanced tech widely available. The cloud will be the major conduit to AI and other tools, a new report says. Read More

Discover the best cloud ERP software for your company

14 Dec 2018

Explore the leading cloud ERP software and vendors currently on the market to make this complex decision-making process just a little bit easier. Read More