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A guide to a cloud-to-cloud migration with 7 key steps

29 May 2019

When an enterprise migrates between cloud environments, planning and process are more important than products and technology -- at least in the short term. Read More

Ellison slates AWS Aurora as Oracle posts flat second quarter

18 Dec 2018

Oracle was late to the cloud, but CTO Larry Ellison is adamant that no one will swap out Oracle for Amazon Read More

Criticism of SAP HANA database: Fair or false?

29 Mar 2019

SAP HANA is an in-memory database and its namesake's highest profile product. The platform has added new functionality over the past decade, but industry experts disagree on how successful it has been. Read More

Infor customers may gain from Koch's $1.5B investment

17 Jan 2019

Infor customers may get new product capabilities from a $1.5 billion investment by Golden Gate Capital and an investment arm of Koch Industries. Read More

Oracle ERP Cloud forced Cetera Financial to rethink ways

26 Dec 2018

Some users resisted Oracle SaaS platforms for ERP, EPM and HCM but came around to single entry point, modern tools for planning and budgeting, and familiar, Excel-based UIs. Read More

AWS Summit widens net with services for containers, devs

11 Jul 2019

AWS' latest crop of tools monitors container clusters on its services and simplifies developers' use of preferred IDEs and languages, backed by an emphasis on security. Read More

ASUG CEO says SAP's 2019 strategy faces IT-business divide

08 May 2019

At the Sapphire conference, the head of the largest SAP user group talks about the challenges of convincing an IT audience about the benefits of experience management. Read More

IFS CEO Roos: Legacy ERP system owners want 'time out'

16 Nov 2018

In a Q&A, Darren Roos, CEO of ERP vendor IFS, discusses the company's growth and how it's poised to challenge industry giants SAP, Oracle and Microsoft over legacy ERP customers. Read More

Packaging firm wraps network issues with WAN Optimization as a Service

25 Mar 2014

When Rieke Packaging Systems tried to roll out a new ERP system, its old MPLS connectivity couldn't deliver the goods. Enter: cloud-based WAN. Read More

Cautious about SaaS, Textron came around to Oracle ERP Cloud

25 Oct 2018

Textron IT and finance leaders said the company only trusted cloud for nonessentials until aging systems made the move to SaaS ERP inevitable. Read More