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IFS CEO Roos: Legacy ERP system owners want 'time out'

16 Nov 2018

In a Q&A, Darren Roos, CEO of ERP vendor IFS, discusses the company's growth and how it's poised to challenge industry giants SAP, Oracle and Microsoft over legacy ERP customers. Read More

ASUG CEO says SAP's 2019 strategy faces IT-business divide

08 May 2019

At the Sapphire conference, the head of the largest SAP user group talks about the challenges of convincing an IT audience about the benefits of experience management. Read More

Cautious about SaaS, Textron came around to Oracle ERP Cloud

25 Oct 2018

Textron IT and finance leaders said the company only trusted cloud for nonessentials until aging systems made the move to SaaS ERP inevitable. Read More

GE and others head to factory of the future vision with Oracle

30 Nov 2018

Four manufacturing companies explain how Oracle IoT technology has helped them move forward with Industry 4.0 pursuits, including cloud ERP and industrial IoT. Read More

How Oracle RPA systems can automate business tasks for users

19 Jul 2019

Robotic process automation software can be integrated into Oracle environments to help strengthen business operations by augmenting workers with software robots. Read More

How Bumble Bee is using SAP blockchain for food traceability

28 Mar 2019

Bumble Bee is using the SAP Cloud Platform Blockchain service to enable greater food safety and traceability, but the project is complicated. Here are specifics on how it works. Read More

Oracle Open World 2018: CEO Mark Hurd says SAP ERP customers will defect

24 Oct 2018

Oracle co-CEO Mark Hurd opined at Open World that SAP ECC6 customers will defect, in some measure, to Oracle in preference to S/4 Hana Read More

CIO position: Evolve conference shows many ways to manage IT

28 Jun 2018

The recent Evolve Technology Conference's Outlier Award program revealed varied takes on IT management philosophy and approaches to the CIO position. Read More

Why some manufacturers stick with on-premises vs. cloud ERP

05 Oct 2018

Cloud ERP is key in digital manufacturing, but it's not a fit for all companies, especially those with heavy customization needs or the need to maintain control over upgrades. Read More

'SAP Nation 3.0' examines the state of the SAP economy

27 Jun 2019

In this Q&A, analyst Vinnie Mirchandani discusses his book, 'SAP Nation 3.0,' the third in a series that examines the expansion of the SAP software empire and how companies manage it. Read More