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collaboration platform

A collaboration platform is a category of business software that adds broad social networking capabilities to work processes. Read Full Definition

collaboration specialist

A collaboration specialist is an individual in charge of managing customer experience and implementing a collaborative platform across the enterprise in order to enhance the user experience and employee ... Read Full Definition

enterprise collaboration (EC)

Enterprise collaboration is a system of communication among corporate employees that may encompass the use of a collaboration platform, enterprise social networking tools, a corporate intranet and the public ... Read Full Definition

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Collaboration is a joint effort of multiple individuals or work groups to accomplish a task or project. Within an organization, collaboration typically involves the ability to communicate, view and contribute to ... Read Full Definition

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collaborative BI (collaborative business intelligence)

Collaborative BI (collaborative business intelligence) is the merging of business intelligence software with collaboration tools, including social and Web 2.0 technologies, to support improved data-driven decision ... Read Full Definition

mobile collaboration

Mobile collaboration is the use of mobile devices and collaborative apps to allow geographically dispersed people to work together on endeavors ranging from small personal projects to high-profile enterprise ... Read Full Definition

contextual collaboration

Contextual collaboration is a new approach to collaborative software that involves embedding all the relevant applications, such as word processors, enterprise instant messaging (EIM), shared calendars, and ... Read Full Definition

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content services platform

A content services platform is cloud-based SaaS software that enables users to create, share, collaborate on and store text, audio and video content. Read Full Definition

collaborative filtering

Collaborative filtering is the predictive process behind recommendation engines. Read Full Definition

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team collaboration

Team collaboration is a communication and project management approach that emphasizes teamwork, innovative thinking and equal participation to achieve objectives. Read Full Definition