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Top tips for moving workloads to hyper-converged technology

By Robert Sheldon 09 Oct 2019

Take security and management seriously when migrating workloads to HCI. Closely evaluate supporting systems -- and the applications and hyper-converged system itself --- as well. Read More

Hyper-convergence gives new choice in network system management

By David Jacobs 04 Dec 2017

Hyper-convergence is driving network evolution, but engineers need to consider the flexibility of network system management software and performance to ensure best results. Read More

How hyper-converged systems change IT management

By Phil Sweeney 23 Mar 2017

Implementing a hyper-converged infrastructure product is a big decision and one that needs to include a discussion about how you'd manage it after it arrives in the data center. Read More

Cisco adds cloud management to hyper-converged integrated systems

By Antone Gonsalves 07 Mar 2017

Cisco has added cloud-based management to its HyperFlex hyper-converged integrated systems. The vendor also released a HyperFlex model with a much larger network interconnect. Read More

Hyper-converged integrated systems crucial to long-term HCI success

By Robert Sheldon 22 Feb 2019

No HCI platform exists in a silo. Learn why hyper-converged systems must communicate, interact and integrate with third-party management tools and the wider IT infrastructure. Read More

How hyper-converged secondary storage fits in the HCI world

By Rodney Brown 12 Jul 2018

When converged secondary storage was added to hyper-convergence products, a new market sector was created that reduced the complexity of managing data retention systems. Read More

How to ensure hyper-converged infrastructure security

By Robert Sheldon 10 Jul 2018

To secure data in an HCI system, it requires tools and techniques that account for the unique features of hyper-convergence, such as shared resources and virtualized management. Read More

How do I manage VM resources in hyper-converged systems?

By Brien Posey 07 Aug 2015

Hyper-converged systems are growing in popularity, but the setup of virtual environments can result in wasted VM resources. Read More

HPE edge computing strategy reroutes data, apps around the cloud

By Ed Scannell 20 Jun 2018

HPE's edge computing strategy hinges on converged infrastructure systems to help enterprises manage data outside their data centers and the cloud, and help the company regain market traction. Read More

Hyper-converged infrastructure disperses for edge computing

By Ed Scannell 22 Dec 2017

The improved price-performance and remote management software capabilities of hyper-converged systems for edge computing could prove fortuitous as edge comes into vogue. Read More