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How DBS Bank is tapping data analytics to improve customer service

By Aaron Tan 07 Nov 2019

DBS Bank’s managing director & head of consumer banking and big data analytics technology talks up the bank’s data analytics initiatives and how it is fostering a data-driven culture Read More

CleverTap, Phiture launch customer engagement analytics framework

By Sabrina Polin 30 Aug 2019

AIC framework for customer experience analytics, developed in collaboration between CleverTap and Phiture, promises to give marketers actionable insight and improve CX. Read More

McDonald's orders up customer service analytics, shakes up fast food

By Scott Robinson 17 May 2019

The fast-food giant is acquiring Dynamic Yield, a big data analytics platform, in pursuit of a more personalized customer experience on drive-thru and digital orders. Read More

AI customer self-service platforms show analytical maturity

By George Lawton 18 Apr 2019

AI-enabled self-service platforms graduate from traditional customer support activities to more sophisticated methods of analyzing data on customer wants, needs and behavior. Read More

Better sentiment analysis can bolster customer data analytics

By Scott Robinson 30 Jan 2019

Customer data analytics are easy to gather in the social media era -- but they can be misleading if based on sentiment analysis culled from automated social media monitoring. Read More

What goes into a customer analytics data integration framework

By David Loshin 18 Jun 2018

Customer data integration is a minefield for IT teams to navigate. But incorporating a set of core technical functions into an integration architecture can ease the process. Read More

Acquia acquisition of AgilOne CDP signals CX platform expansion

By Don Fluckinger 11 Dec 2019

Acquia's acquisition of AgilOne, a customer data platform specializing in analytics, shows it's serious about competing against CX platforms from Adobe, Oracle and SAP. Read More

Customer behavior analytics brings marketing, analytics together

By Jesse Scardina 18 May 2018

If you want better, more timely access to customers, consider customer behavior analytics, which is driven by the combination of marketing and data analytics. Read More

How Netflix uses emotional analytics to improve CX

By George Lawton 05 Dec 2019

Emotional analytics enable businesses to obtain customer feedback without words. Netflix employs this tactic as a means to engage and retain customers. Read More

Multi-cloud strategy becoming a necessity for BI vendors

By Eric Avidon 11 Feb 2020

Multi-cloud capabilities are becoming a necessity for BI and analytics vendors as their customers migrate to the cloud and want the flexibility to use the cloud service provider of their choice. Read More