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Definitioncustomer engagement

Customer engagement is the means by which a company creates a relationship with its customer base to ...Read More

Customer engagement fuels retail success

By David Needle 01 Oct 2019

Down, but not out? It's a fitting description for the current state of traditional retail stores. But there are many ways retailers can still win against online competition. Read More

Approach customer engagement by first asking good questions

By Mary K. Pratt 18 Sep 2019

Organizations need to align their customer strategy with their technology and know how to gather and use the right customer data when integrating all the components. Read More

CleverTap, Phiture launch customer engagement analytics framework

By Sabrina Polin 30 Aug 2019

AIC framework for customer experience analytics, developed in collaboration between CleverTap and Phiture, promises to give marketers actionable insight and improve CX. Read More

Customer service technologies revolutionize CX engagements

By Ron Karjian 25 Jul 2019

This Essential Guide examines the strategic and multidimensional role customer service and its technologies now play in personalized customer experiences over multiple channels. Read More

Humor in marketing can engage, retain customers

By Sarah Amsler 06 Sep 2019

Humor can be a powerful marketing weapon -- when used correctly. Here are some tips and examples that businesses can use to better connect with customers. Read More

Customer success strategies stoke CRM engagement

By Albert McKeon 24 Jul 2019

Salesforce and other CRM providers use active customer service to increase customer engagement, solve concerns, train users and -- eventually -- bring in repeat business. Read More

HPE puts solution architects at heart of customer engagement

By Christine Horton 14 Mar 2019

HPE's Tech Pro programme will bolster technical training and support and equip solution architects for customers’ transformation projects Read More

Get ready for just-in-time customer engagement

By Seeta Hariharan 26 Sep 2018

With smartphones, nearly ubiquitous wireless connectivity, digital tech and IoT sensors, the promise of just-in-time customer engagement is becoming a reality. Tata Consultancy Services' Seeta ... Read More

Customer engagement strategies that heed power of social media

By Nicole Laskowski 22 Oct 2018

Executives from Legendary Entertainment and Microsoft explain how their customer engagement strategies rely on the power of analytics and a core set of social principles. Read More

Keys to customer engagement on social media CRM

By Jesse Scardina 11 Jun 2018

Responding to positive and negative customer inquiries on social media is important, industry experts say, and that can go far in retaining customers and promoting your brand. Read More