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Creating a Mobile-First Platform to Encourage Omnichannel Customer Engagement

sponsored by Aruba Networks Published: 30 Apr 2018 Case Study

Find out how Maxeda DIY Group approached their Wi-Fi as a key enabler for omnichannel customer experiences and updated their access points to deliver more mobile-friendly interactions.

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Deloitte Tech Trends 2017

sponsored by ComputerWeekly.com Published: 20 Apr 2017 Research Content

Deloitte's annual Tech Trends report identifies the critical developments that are likely to disrupt UK and global businesses in the next 18 to 24 months

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Optimize the Customer Journey

sponsored by Act-On Software Published: 31 Dec 2018 White Paper

With top-performing companies being 50% more likely to optimize their customer experience, it is clear that investing effort and resources into your current customers can positively impact your bottom line—read ...

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CRM Evolves Towards Digital Customer Engagement

sponsored by ComputerWeekly.com Published: 23 Oct 2017 eGuide

This e-guide focuses on how customer relationship management has evolved towards engaging with customers through every channel, with digital to the fore.

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Boost Website Content Engagement with Personalized Content Recommendations

sponsored by Act-On Software Published: 31 Dec 2018 White Paper

Read this white paper to learn how personalization bridges the gaps in customer engagement that segmentation strategies could not fill and how you can capitalize on this burgeoning technology to improve website ...

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UCaaS evolution: Common features, risks, and benefits

sponsored by TechTarget Published: 03 Nov 2018 Resource

As the UCaaS market matures, service providers are seeking out ways to differentiate their offerings, essentially creating the next generation of UCaaS platforms. Participate in our market research program and ...

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Digital Transformation 2.0: New Technologies, New Opportunities

sponsored by Comcast Business Published: 08 Nov 2018 White Paper

As your organization moves towards digital transformation, learn which requirements your network needs to ensure employees can work anytime, anywhere, with no impact on productivity.

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How ServiceNow Delivers High-Performance Business Services with AIOps

sponsored by ServiceNow Published: 20 Feb 2019 Product Overview

Jump inside this white paper to learn how ServiceNow's AIOps platform employs machine learning, natural language processing, advanced analytics and more to cut through event noise and give IT support professionals ...

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How Unsolicited Feedback Can Be Rocket Fuel For Your CX Engine

sponsored by CallMiner Published: 01 Apr 2019 White Paper

According to Forrester, organizations that use behavioral data from customer interactions are more successful than those who use customer surveys—but why? In this white paper, learn about the benefits of behavioral...

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Customer Engagement – The Road to 2020

sponsored by West IP Communications Published: 29 Jun 2018 White Paper

This resource presents survey findings on consumer preferences and offers recommendations for contact center managers to close the gap between digital technology and customer engagement.

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