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Compare offerings from 8 leading cloud and hybrid VoIP vendors

By Andrew Froehlich 28 Feb 2019

Learn how organizations can select the enterprise VoIP vendor that offers the platform with the best mix of functionality, interoperability, reliability and ongoing support. Read More

Do customer-managed relationships play a role in CRM strategy?

By Don Peppers, Martha Rogers 29 Jun 2007

Should customer-managed relationships be part of a CRM strategy? Read Don Pepper's advice here. Read More

Zendesk bundles customer support services as cloud contact center

By Jonathan Dame 17 May 2018

Zendesk has combined its products into an omnichannel cloud contact center offering. The CRM vendor also released a new tool for sending automatic alerts to customers. Read More

Open source low-code platforms extend app dev capabilities

By Kenneth Milberg 31 Aug 2018

Enterprises want their apps to go to market as fast as possible. Low-code platforms accelerate development processes, and with open source, these platforms are more customizable. Read More

The CRM Handbook: A Business Guide to Customer Relationship Management

01 Aug 2006

Learn CRM implementation from both business and technology perspectives in this chapter from Jill Dyche's CRM Handbook. Read More

What SAP C/4 Hana means for the APAC enterprises

By Aaron Tan 06 Jun 2018

The cloud-based CRM suite could find takers, but it may not be enticing enough for Salesforce.com CRM customers that also run SAP’s ERP software to make the switch Read More

L'Oréal boosts candidate experience with recruitment chatbots

By Patrick Thibodeau 04 Oct 2018

L'Oréal deployed chatbots to help its 145 recruiters process some 2 million applications annually. It also put to rest concerns that automation might replace recruiters. Read More

CIOs being welcomed back to marketing

By Beverley Head 17 Aug 2018

The role of CIOs in shaping the technology buying decisions of marketers is being reinstated as more marketers realise the importance of integrating their services with IT systems Read More

CIOs will have to share control of IT budgets

21 Aug 2012

CIOs will increasingly have to share their control of IT budgets with marketing departments as customer relationship management (CRM) software becomes critical to customer retention. Read More

Security Think Tank: Complex passwords provide a false sense of security

By Tim Holman 04 Jul 2018

In the light of the fact that complex passwords are not as strong as most people think, and that most password strategies inevitably lead to people following them blindly, what actually makes a good password and ... Read More