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Advancements in automation: why AI won’t replace the human touch

By Brian McKenna 01 Aug 2017

This is a guest blog post by Larry Augustin, CEO, Sugar CRM The way we engage with technology is changing constantly and there’s hardly a day that goes by where we don’t hear about Artifical ... Read More

Customer sales can hinge on landing the best CRM tool

By Brent Leary 08 Dec 2015

So you want to enhance and improve your company's customer engagement success rate? The right customer relationship management tool can make the difference. Before selecting the best CRM tool, you'll need to ... Read More

Patient engagement technology can improve outcomes and enhance care

By Reda Chouffani 06 Mar 2017

Patient engagement tools, such as virtual assistants and health apps, can help healthcare providers improve the physician-patient relationship and improve outcomes. Read More

Bournville College invests in corporate CRM system

By Antony Savvas 31 Aug 2007

Bournville College has deployed a new customer relationship management (CRM) system to manage its relationship with the business community. Read More

The C-suite case for hiring a chief customer officer: 5 elements

By Robin Gareiss 28 May 2019

Delivering world-class digital customer experiences has become job No. 1 for companies. Nemertes' Robin Gareiss makes the case for putting a chief customer officer in charge. Read More

Salesforce Health Cloud for Payers brings CRM to insurance

By Shaun Sutner 27 Jul 2018

With its CRM system for payers, Salesforce is targeting a competitive market in which health insurers are fighting for members seeking lower costs and better health outcomes. Read More

Cannabis CRM replicates dealer-customer relationship

By Shaun Sutner 02 Jul 2018

When a big-city medical marijuana business wanted to better serve clients, it opted for cannabis CRM software that tries to replicate the traditional dealer-customer relationship. Read More

Portakabin’s biggest-ever IT investment unifies CRM

By Karl Flinders 14 Mar 2017

Modular construction firm is moving to a single source of business information through cloud technology and services Read More

Aim for long-term customer identity relationship

By Warwick Ashford 30 Oct 2018

Consumer identity management can deliver competitive advantage, but only if businesses follow some golden rules, says KuppingerCole Read More

A digital economy needs more than startups - government must address UK's lack of IT investment

By Bryan Glick 17 Nov 2017

It would be churlish not to applaud the government’s pre-Budget commitments to the tech sector – an increase in funding to support tech startups and expanding visa availability for bringing in top ... Read More