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Storage the favourite use case for public cloud customers

By Antony Adshead 05 Jul 2017

Despite lingering trust issues, storage and backup are key use cases in the public cloud, says Barracuda survey. Meanwhile, Microsoft Azure is Europe’s favourite cloud provider Read More

Amazon Go strives to put a stake in the e-commerce market

By Jeff Kaplan 21 Dec 2016

Amazon is carving out new capabilities in the e-commerce market with its Amazon Go service -- which may have a profound impact on CRM, according to expert Jeff Kaplan. Read More

Essential population health management tools: HIE, CRM, data analytics

By Kristen Lee 06 Apr 2017

With population health management tools, one size does not fit all and that's why it's important to include a mixture of technologies including HIEs, CRM and data analytics. Read More

The kink in multicloud? Cloud software services built for lock-in

By Jason Sparapani 14 Jul 2017

CIOs have been urged to assemble a panoply of cloud services to get the most out of cloud. Cloud software vendors make that hard to do. Read More

Nimble offers Nimble Cloud Volumes all-flash cloud storage

By Antony Adshead 27 Feb 2017

Hybrid and all-flash array maker extends offer to the cloud with Nimble Cloud Volumes cloud storage that can be provisioned for compute on Amazon or Microsoft clouds or on-premise Read More

CIO interview: Mike Thomas, CIO, Hobbycraft

By Angelica Mari 16 Feb 2018

The CIO of Hobbycraft, Mike Thomas, speaks to Computer Weekly about the art of digital transformation in retail, the importance of customer experience and getting a good return on investment Read More

Anti-social CRM concept gaining traction on Topman site

By Nick Booth 20 Sep 2011

Social CRM (Customer relationship management) has produced mixed results for retail giant Arcadia after angry consumer complaints against its Top man brand were made public by its social CRM systems. Read More

What are the implications of the Salesforce acquisition of Demandware?

By Brent Leary 19 Jul 2016

Buying Demandware has helped Salesforce round out its portfolio in order to offer end-to-end technology for the customer journey, expert Brent Leary explains. Read More

App integration remains a hurdle in adopting SaaS technology

By Joel Shore 28 Nov 2017

The allure of SaaS architecture was to simplify IT and cut costs. The reality is on-premises silos often reappear in the cloud, requiring integration. Read More

Top 10 Middle East stories of 2018

By Karl Flinders 27 Dec 2018

Here are Computer Weekly’s top 10 Middle East enterprise IT stories of 2018 Read More