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RAC signs up to Microsoft Azure following IT outsourcing deal

By Karl Flinders 19 Nov 2015

Roadside rescue service RAC will use Microsoft’s Azure cloud after striking an outsourcing agreement with IT services supplier Getronics Read More

Anti-social CRM concept gaining traction on Topman site

By Nick Booth 20 Sep 2011

Social CRM (Customer relationship management) has produced mixed results for retail giant Arcadia after angry consumer complaints against its Top man brand were made public by its social CRM systems. Read More

Five ways to cut the risk of Salesforce

By John R Rymer 30 May 2017

Best practices for IT professionals seeking to implement Salesforce’s product portfolio Read More

Middle East faces IT talent crunch

01 Mar 2018

Countries in the Middle East are adopting the latest technologies at such a rapid rate that the region faces an IT skills shortage Read More

Lex-powered voice recognition apps lack voice in enterprise IT

By George Lawton 09 Aug 2017

Enterprises that want a consumer-facing chatbot can incorporate Amazon Lex technology into their apps. But uses remain murky, and it's not a fit for every industry. Read More

Microsoft Dynamics CRM price cut helps partners in CRM market

By Colin Steele 29 Oct 2007

Hosting partners can use the cut in Microsoft Dynamics CRM subscription fees to build stronger relationships with clients in the customer relationship management market. Read More

IT managers look to deploy BI, analytics in the cloud

By Brian Holak 23 Jan 2019

More organizations plan to use cloud-based BI and analytics and focus on data governance and predictive analytics, TechTarget's 2019 IT Priorities Survey found. Read More

CRM strategies for SMBs

03 Oct 2007

Customer relationship management software helps companies keep customers happy. Learn more with our top five CRM tips for SMBs. Read More

SAP CRM and R/3 cross business processes

By Srinivasa Katta 14 Jul 2006

A list of the business processes that cross both SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and SAP R/3. Read More

DataCore IT survey shows gradual uptake of new storage technologies

By Carol Sliwa 25 May 2017

A DataCore IT survey on the state of software-defined storage, hyper-converged systems and cloud storage showed a gradual uptake of some of the most heavily promoted new technologies. For instance, ... Read More