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5 unusual ways to use AI in content management

By Scott Robinson 11 Apr 2019

AI offers great opportunity for enhancing enterprise content management. Here are some more unusual use cases for AI that businesses should also consider. Read More

Ensure a good customer experience with CEM software

By Christine Parizo 28 Mar 2019

CEM software helps companies track, measure and manage the customer experience. Read on to learn just how it differs from CRM software and what a good CEM system should include. Read More

8x8 X Series integrates with Slack, Microsoft Dynamics

By Jonathan Dame 08 Feb 2019

8x8 X Series has new APIs for embedding communications into third-party apps. Meanwhile, the vendor said it could now deliver speech analytics to larger contact centers through the public cloud. Read More

5 must-read CX trends uncovered at Adobe Summit

By Don Fluckinger 03 Apr 2019

As CRM, customer service, marketing and e-commerce morph into customer experience, Adobe speakers, partners and users pinpoint five trends in CX to watch develop in the next two years. Read More

Gartner: Cost of customer relationship management set to fall 25% due to price war

By Cliff Saran 12 Jan 2015

The cost of customer relationship management (CRM) software is set to drop by 25%, according to the latest forecast from Gartner Read More

Gant uses Cegid to streamline functions across all markets

By Clare McDonald 31 May 2019

As retailer Gant begins to mirror its core operations across all of the countries it operates in, global IT manager Ricky Dematagollage explains what part Cegid will play in the process Read More

Domain-specific BI vendors gain foothold with expertise

By Eric Avidon 30 Aug 2019

While leading BI vendors target large audiences with their analytics tools, many other companies target a single specialized industry and use their expertise to best serve users. Read More

Beyond customer sentiment: How to put NLP technology to work

By Scott Robinson 01 May 2019

Natural language processing tools and apps have finally arrived -- but how are organizations putting NLP to work? Here are some possibilities that might not be obvious. Read More

StepChange uses Pegasystems to power digital efficiency drive

By Cliff Saran 15 Mar 2019

Charity StepChange, which helps people manage debt problems, has developed a modern IT system to help double the number of people it can support Read More