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What is the role of a customer success manager?

By Scott Robinson 18 Nov 2019

The customer success manager is an essential CX role that takes a proactive approach to ensuring customer loyalty and retention, balancing out automated CRM functions. Read More

Satellite firm SES saves millions with cloud project management tools

By Lindsay Clark 07 Nov 2019

Discover how satellite firm SES modernised project management with a cloud-based system from Precursive, based on live data and tailored in its reporting to different managerial roles Read More

Develop smart AI in CRM strategies to win and keep customers

05 Jun 2018

Of the three words that comprise customer relationship management, one word binds the other two. As necessity and competition dictate that CRM upgrade itself with artificial intelligence and flights to the ... Read More

Public sector outsourcing spend plummets

By Karl Flinders 14 May 2019

Private sector outsourcing dominated spending in the UK during the first quarter of 2019 Read More

An overview of cloud customer relationship management

By Lindsay Clark 25 May 2016

Businesses are confident about buying customer relationship management (CRM) software as a cloud-based service. Computer Weekly looks at the main players Read More

How machine learning in data centers optimizes operations

By Julia Borgini 22 Jul 2019

Machine learning can help manage your data center more efficiently and address power consumption concerns and hardware maintenance. Today's tools make implementation easy and effective. Read More

CRM Trends 2016: ASEAN

15 Nov 2016

There’s no doubt the future of customer relationship management (CRM) lies in the cloud. Unlike on-premise solutions, cloud allows businesses to easily deploy applications, encourages collaboration and gives staff ... Read More

What to expect from IFS World Conference 2019

By Adrian Bridgwater 12 Aug 2019

The Computer Weekly Developer Network (CWDN) team is extremely partial to baked beans, broiled lobster, New England architecture, Sam Adams beers and ERP systems that boast specific competencies in ... Read More

How ServiceNow is empowering Asia’s mobile workforce

By Aaron Tan 25 Nov 2019

ServiceNow’s newly minted managing director in Asia talks up the company’s sweet spots and traction in the region, and what it’s doing to abstract away workflow complexities for mobile workers Read More