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CRM extending to more than just customer relationships

By Barney Beal 26 Mar 2009

Microsoft with xRM, Salesforce.com with Force.com, and others claim that their CRM applications can be extended to manage more than just customer relationships. Read More

Does the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud fit your WCM needs?

By Mary E. Shacklett 31 Oct 2016

Episerver Digital Experience Cloud offers users a responsive design-based web content management platform with tools for creating and managing digital content. Read More

AI winter is coming? Not this time, Tom Davenport says

By Ed Burns 26 Dec 2018

A new AI winter, or downturn, is unlikely, even if the current slew of inflated expectations surrounding AI predicts inevitable disappointment, analytics expert Tom Davenport says. Read More

Open for business: Microsoft on using cross-industry collaboration to drive AI use in the enterprise

By Caroline Donnelly 27 Sep 2018

Microsoft's multi-year effort to drive adoption of artificial intelligence technologies has entered a new phase, with the firm banking on openness and cross-industry collaboration to boost enterprise take-up Read More

Comparison of the top CRM platforms and marketing automation tools

By Scott Robinson 29 Jun 2017

There are many CRM products to choose from, each offering a broad range of functionality. Here, we've simplified the buying process by comparing the leading CRM products. Read More

The importance of integrating social CRM tools into a CRM strategy

By Scott Sachs 09 Aug 2017

Customer engagement is no longer about simply handling a phone call or letter. Organizations must also be at the ready to address issues on social media. Read More

Charlotte Hornets use Phizzle built on HANA to analyze fan behavior

By Jim O'Donnell 06 Feb 2017

Chris Zeppenfeld of the Charlotte Hornets explains how Phizzle FanTracker, a data warehouse built on the SAP HANA database, helps the team get to know its fan behavior better. Read More

How going cloud native can increase app agility

By Clive Longbottom 23 Oct 2017

We look at how cloud-native applications can deliver far more dynamic support to meet an organisation’s needs Read More

Apple Business Chat powers Npower’s smart meter switch

By Alex Scroxton 14 Feb 2019

Energy supplier is using Apple Business Chat to help users through the process of switching onto new smart gas and electricity meters Read More

IBM refreshes all-flash DS8880 series with PCIe 3.0 enclosures

By Antony Adshead 12 Jan 2017

IBM adds an F to existing DS8884, DS8886 and DS8888 all-flash and hybrid arrays with addition of PCIe 3.0 disk connectivity, but stops short of NVMe capabilities Read More