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Are chock-a-block CRM features bloating CRM platforms?

By Robert Peledie 04 Sep 2015

CRM systems abound with different functionality and features in today's market. But is that a blessing or a curse for CRM buyers? Read More

Aberdeenshire integrates services with new CRM application

By Will Hadfield 21 Nov 2006

Aberdeenshire Council is integrating its back-office systems with a new customer relationship management (CRM) application after signing a five-year, six-figure deal with software supplier Northgate. Read More

Analyzing Health Cloud and Salesforce's healthcare strategy

By Reda Chouffani 12 Oct 2015

Salesforce, with the announcement of its Health Cloud, isn't the first notable vendor to venture into healthcare as an outsider. How should we expect the move to go? Read More

Smart speakers open new windows into customer behaviour for CRM

By Lindsay Clark 02 Jan 2018

Voice recognition has become a new frontier for customer relationship management. What does the new voice channel mean for understanding consumers and how will voice data integrate with existing customer ... Read More

What to expect from the HubSpot CRM platform

By T.J. Houpes 25 Sep 2015

HubSpot CRM is a free platform aimed at small- and medium-sized businesses that offers both basic and enhanced CRM tools to customer relations teams. Read More

Dutch government uses Microsoft Dynamics to improve recruitment

03 Oct 2016

Government recruitment and career management of senior civil servants in the Netherlands has been improved through a Microsoft Dynamics implementation Read More

Germany’s Lemoncat disrupts business catering through cloud computing

10 Jan 2018

Startup is shaking up Germany’s business catering sector with a platform that harnesses Amazon and Salesforce clouds Read More

AI elevates predictive maintenance for Kone and ThyssenKrupp

By Lindsay Clark 30 May 2018

Kone and ThyssenKrupp are using artificial intelligence to improve predictive maintenance of their lifts and escalators Read More

How to simplify IT integration

By Cliff Saran 19 May 2017

Pressure on IT is mounting and point-to-point integration does not scale. Opening up APIs is one of the approaches now being considered Read More

Big data CRM impossible without data integration, quality

By Tim Ehrens 16 Feb 2015

Companies looking to invest in big data initiatives for CRM need to ensure that their data houses are in order first. Read More