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The key to application success? Usability…

By Clive Longbottom 22 Mar 2017

An application that is difficult to use may not be used - individuals will find workarounds. An application that provides greater value than the effort of using it will be firmly embraced. Make ... Read More

Strong customer experience still awaits customer data integration

By Lauren Horwitz 21 Dec 2016

Dufl and Kone are both on the move with their operations and are trying to create a solid customer experience by combining data from various back-office systems. Read More

Global public cloud spend to soar by 25% this year, says IDC

By Caroline Donnelly 22 Feb 2017

Market watcher’s latest public cloud market forecast highlights growing demand for off-premise services across the globe Read More

Aberdeenshire integrates services with new CRM application

By Will Hadfield 21 Nov 2006

Aberdeenshire Council is integrating its back-office systems with a new customer relationship management (CRM) application after signing a five-year, six-figure deal with software supplier Northgate. Read More

How API-based integration dissolves SaaS connectivity limits

By Jan Stafford 08 Aug 2018

Oracle's vice president of integration, Vikas Anand, explains how SaaS app silos occur, drivers for API integration adoption and how DevOps can avoid integration project obstacles. Read More

Airline personalizes the customer journey with Salesforce

By Lauren Horwitz 21 Sep 2015

Membership-based airline Surf Air wanted to better tailor its upselling and marketing to its customers, so it turned to Salesforce. Read More

VIPedge: Toshiba cloud UC service product overview

By Chris Partsenidis 25 Jul 2016

VIPedge, the Toshiba cloud UC system, implements unified communications as a service with strong support help and integration with existing Toshiba IP PBX units. Read More

An expert shares the secret to CX software

By Valerie Silverthorne 17 May 2016

UX versus CX -- which is more important? Expert Richard Trigg explains why software developers always need to think about a customer's experience first. Read More

In pursuit of agility: empowering the citizen integrator

18 Dec 2017

Agile IT is something that a lot of customers want help with and Erica Langhi, senior solution architect, Red Hat, casts her eye over the current market landscape Read More

EduServ confirms fallout from datacentre power outage is being resolved

By Caroline Donnelly 24 Aug 2018

Public sector-focused IT provider EduServ suffers datacentre power outage that takes client websites and online services offline Read More