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Smart speakers open new windows into customer behaviour for CRM

By Lindsay Clark 02 Jan 2018

Voice recognition has become a new frontier for customer relationship management. What does the new voice channel mean for understanding consumers and how will voice data integrate with existing customer ... Read More

AI winter is coming? Not this time, Tom Davenport says

By Ed Burns 26 Dec 2018

A new AI winter, or downturn, is unlikely, even if the current slew of inflated expectations surrounding AI predicts inevitable disappointment, analytics expert Tom Davenport says. Read More

Germany’s Lemoncat disrupts business catering through cloud computing

10 Jan 2018

Startup is shaking up Germany’s business catering sector with a platform that harnesses Amazon and Salesforce clouds Read More

O2 business customers get new upgrade finance options

By Alex Scroxton 24 Sep 2015

O2 UK picks Equiniti Pancredit to manage easier upgrades for its small business customers Read More

Gigya is consumer identify leader, finds KuppingerCole

By Warwick Ashford 24 Nov 2016

Gigya, Ping Identity, Salesforce, ForgeRock are the current leaders in the consumer identity and access management market, according to a report by KuppingerCole Read More

AI elevates predictive maintenance for Kone and ThyssenKrupp

By Lindsay Clark 30 May 2018

Kone and ThyssenKrupp are using artificial intelligence to improve predictive maintenance of their lifts and escalators Read More

SSA gets Epiphany on acquisition spree

By Tash Shifrin 04 Aug 2005

Enterprise resource planning software supplier SSA Global Technologies is to acquire customer relationship management (CRM) software firm Epiphany in a $329m deal. Read More

Healthcare CRM boosted by Salesforce entry

By Shaun Sutner 22 Dec 2015

Customer relationship management in healthcare is getting a boost from Salesforce's move into health IT, but other vendors, such as hc1.com, are already occupying the space. Read More

Zoho CRM platform overview

By T.J. Houpes 18 Aug 2015

Zoho's cloud-based CRM platform helps businesses manage the key aspects of their customer engagement strategies. Read More

Why cloud disruption will shift the dynamics of IT budgets

By Cliff Saran 23 Jun 2016

Cloud computing is set to become one of the most disruptive forces of IT spending since the dawn of the digital age Read More