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Data dominance the prize in Salesforce ERP integration moves

By Tony Kontzer 11 Oct 2018

Following the MuleSoft acquisition in March, the Dreamforce conference reinforces the cloud CRM leader's ambition to become the front end to enterprise data. Read More

Comparison of the top CRM platforms and marketing automation tools

By Scott Robinson 29 Jun 2017

There are many CRM products to choose from, each offering a broad range of functionality. Here, we've simplified the buying process by comparing the leading CRM products. Read More

ASUG CEO says SAP's 2019 strategy faces IT-business divide

By David Essex 08 May 2019

At the Sapphire conference, the head of the largest SAP user group talks about the challenges of convincing an IT audience about the benefits of experience management. Read More

O2 business customers get new upgrade finance options

By Alex Scroxton 24 Sep 2015

O2 UK picks Equiniti Pancredit to manage easier upgrades for its small business customers Read More

Zoho CRM platform overview

By T.J. Houpes 18 Aug 2015

Zoho's cloud-based CRM platform helps businesses manage the key aspects of their customer engagement strategies. Read More

Healthcare CRM boosted by Salesforce entry

By Shaun Sutner 22 Dec 2015

Customer relationship management in healthcare is getting a boost from Salesforce's move into health IT, but other vendors, such as hc1.com, are already occupying the space. Read More

The importance of integrating social CRM tools into a CRM strategy

By Scott Sachs 09 Aug 2017

Customer engagement is no longer about simply handling a phone call or letter. Organizations must also be at the ready to address issues on social media. Read More

Liz Roche

Look no further for advice on sales force automation technology and best practices. Liz Roche is an industry-recognized CRM expert whose domain includes extensive research and consulting around sales. Her philosophy is based on the customer as the CRM design point and she advocates a holistic approach to the customer lifecycle: looking across the entire sales ecosystem to see how it interacts with the extended selling team to identify weak links and opportunities. This approach enables facilitation of rapid change in sales effectiveness.Read More

How API-based integration dissolves SaaS connectivity limits

By Jan Stafford 08 Aug 2018

Oracle's vice president of integration, Vikas Anand, explains how SaaS app silos occur, drivers for API integration adoption and how DevOps can avoid integration project obstacles. Read More

Why cloud disruption will shift the dynamics of IT budgets

By Cliff Saran 23 Jun 2016

Cloud computing is set to become one of the most disruptive forces of IT spending since the dawn of the digital age Read More