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IBM and Oracle fortunes hit by rapid growth of PaaS, Gartner claims

By Caroline Donnelly 14 Apr 2016

Gartner’s application infrastructure market tracker reveals how PaaS growth is shaking up the supplier landscape Read More

How InterContinental Hotels connects with real-time marketing

By Clare McDonald 24 Nov 2016

InterContinental Hotel Group’s European marketing manager, Charlie Aspey, tells Computer Weekly how the firm has deployed dynamic email marketing across all its hotel brands Read More

Coventry and Warwickshire Growth Hub stokes local business with CRM

By Brian McKenna 14 Sep 2015

Coventry and Warwickshire Growth Hub has turned to Microsoft Dynamics CRM technology to report and organise work more effectively Read More

How Orange France engaged influencers to launch its IoT service

By Alex Scroxton 22 Mar 2016

Orange France engaged influencer marketing specialist Traackr to successfully launch its Homelive internet of things (IoT) service Read More

Multi-cloud management: Making it work for the enterprise

By Clive Longbottom 20 Feb 2017

As the hype surrounding multi-cloud infrastructure continues to grow, what do enterprises need to do to make the model work for them? Read More

IT change management needs to spell out ROI for users

By Celso Mello 08 Apr 2015

CRM projects will fail from the outset if your change management strategy doesn't center on what's in it for users. Read More

MongoDB podcast: Portals portend future uses

By Jack Vaughan 30 Jun 2015

The Talking Data podcast goes to MongoDB World and sees enterprise uses for the NoSQL database, including a look at what payroll company ADP does with MongoDB. Read More

What's behind the proliferation of Salesforce PaaS offerings?

By Jeff Kaplan 10 Feb 2016

Salesforce has announced its vision for a single app development platform. But as more PaaS offerings launch, meeting that goal isn't likely in the immediate future. Read More

A buyer's guide to the top ERP systems

06 Oct 2015

ERP systems use complex software that comes in many varieties. Learn how to evaluate and invest in top ERP systems for your organization. Read More