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What's behind the proliferation of Salesforce PaaS offerings?

By Jeff Kaplan 10 Feb 2016

Salesforce has announced its vision for a single app development platform. But as more PaaS offerings launch, meeting that goal isn't likely in the immediate future. Read More

Salesforce.com and AvantGo offer mobile add-on

09 Jan 2003

Customer relationship management (CRM) application service vendor Salesforce.com is teaming up with mobile software developer... Read More

Dutch database design drives practical innovation

By Jasper Bakker 10 Jul 2017

IT often seems a mostly US industry, but other nations contribute a lot too, says Dutch database design scientist Martin Kersten, who has received the Association for Computing Machinery’s Fellow Award Read More

UC is dead, long live UC?

By Katherine Finnell 24 Nov 2015

Unified communications will soon reach its "use by" date, and the next evolution of enterprise communications is around the corner, analysts say. But what exactly is coming next? UC has reached ... Read More

Peoplesoft offers new CRM functions

19 Dec 2002

Peoplesoft has launched what it calls the most significant release of its customer relationship management (CRM) software since... Read More

Multi-cloud management: Making it work for the enterprise

By Clive Longbottom 20 Feb 2017

As the hype surrounding multi-cloud infrastructure continues to grow, what do enterprises need to do to make the model work for them? Read More

What to expect from Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015

By T.J. Houpes 09 Sep 2015

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 is a CRM platform that can be used by businesses of all sizes to manage all aspects of their B2B and B2C engagement strategies. Read More

AI winter is coming? Not this time, Tom Davenport says

By Ed Burns 26 Dec 2018

A new AI winter, or downturn, is unlikely, even if the current slew of inflated expectations surrounding AI predicts inevitable disappointment, analytics expert Tom Davenport says. Read More

Firms must work out their CRM needs before implementation

06 Mar 2003

Although most customer relationship management (CRM) software rollouts fail, a company that does its homework beforehand can... Read More

Firms giving CRM another go

28 Jun 2006

Worldwide customer relationship management (CRM) software revenue topped £3.1bn in 2005, up nearly 14% from 2004, as companies look at ways to fuel new revenue growth rather than cut costs suggests analyst firm ... Read More