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copy data management (CDM)

Copy data management (CDM) is an approach to reducing storage consumption that involves eliminating the unnecessary duplication of production data. Read Full Definition

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market intelligence manager

A market intelligence manager is a corporate employee who studies a given market, makes recommendations as to actions to capitalize on opportunities and helps direct strategy to assist the company in reaching its ... Read Full Definition

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configuration management (CM)

Configuration management (CM) is a governance and systems engineering process for ensuring consistency in an operational environment. Read Full Definition

Managed security service provider (MSSP)

A managed security service provider (MSSP) is an IT service provider that provides an organization with some amount of cybersecurity monitoring and management, which may include virus and spam blocking, intrusion ... Read Full Definition

emergency management plan

An emergency management plan should include measures that provide for the safety of personnel and, if possible, property and facilities. Read Full Definition

Learning Path: E-Business

E-BUSINESS... e-commerce - e-business - B2B - enterprise - entrepreneur - e-tailing - e-procurement - B2G - m-commerce - e-brokerage - clicks and mortar - value chain - first mover - return on investment (ROI) - ... Read Full Definition

software asset management (SAM)

Software asset management (SAM) is the part of IT asset management that seeks to ensure compliance with license agreements and prevent overspending on software. Read Full Definition

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AWS Firewall Manager

AWS Firewall Manager is a tool from Amazon Web Services that an organization can use to configure policies for the cloud vendor's native web application firewall (WAF) service. Read Full Definition

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data center infrastructure management (DCIM)

Data center infrastructure management (DCIM) is the convergence of IT and data center facilities functions within an organization. Read Full Definition

DMI (Desktop Management Interface)

Desktop Management Interface (DMI) is an industry framework for managing and keeping track of hardware and software components in a system of personal computers from a central location. Read Full Definition