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The CRM Handbook: A Business Guide to Customer Relationship Management

01 Aug 2006

Learn CRM implementation from both business and technology perspectives in this chapter from Jill Dyche's CRM Handbook. Read More

Our rebrand: Customer experience strategy, platforms, best practices

05 Mar 2019

Customer experience strategy blurs lines between sales and marketing automation, customer service and e-commerce as they come together on next-generation customer experience platforms. Read More

CIOs will have to share control of IT budgets

21 Aug 2012

CIOs will increasingly have to share their control of IT budgets with marketing departments as customer relationship management (CRM) software becomes critical to customer retention. Read More

GDPR rules have big effect on UC applications

08 May 2018

The European Union General Data Protection Regulation sets tighter controls on businesses and how they handle customers' personally identifiable information. Read More

IT leaders grapple with workforce skills gap as they deploy AI and digital technology

29 Jan 2019

Organisations will have to find new ways of reskilling their workforce as they get to grips with artificial intelligence and other digital technologies. CIOs also need to keep their skills updated if they are to ... Read More

5 tips for creating customer journey maps from buyer personas

06 Jun 2019

Comprehensive customer personas are important tools in coping with the increasing complexity of customer journey mapping. Here are some tips on how to do it best. Read More

Don Schuerman


Don Schuerman is CTO and vice-president of product marketing at Pegasystems, responsible for Pega’s platform and CRM applications.Read More

Tom Venables

Turnkey Consulting

Read More

IT budgets are being controlled by marketing teams

28 Sep 2012

I did a story back in August about how KPMG research showed that IT budgets are increasingly controlled by marketing executives as customer relationship management (CRM) software becomes critical ... Read More

Content management tools address digital content challenges

05 Nov 2018

With the digital content explosion and increasing mandates come the need to manage all those files. ECM tools do just that and more, ever evolving to meet changing business needs. Read More