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Dutch developer offers businesses nuclear security option for communications

12 Feb 2019

Startup that created the secure platform for communication between world leaders at the 2014 Nuclear Security Summit in the Netherlands seeks to revolutionise business mail Read More

SAP Q2 2018: Cloud revenue shows momentum, 600 more S/4 customers

19 Jul 2018

SAP’s second-quarter results show cloud revenue now at one-fifth of total, indicating momentum. S/4 Hana customers now number 8,900 Read More

Order management systems take on multichannel, multipurpose role

10 Oct 2019

As the focal point for customer orders and activities, data collected by order management systems can help companies determine behavior patterns and buying habits and improve CX. Read More

New widget for RingCentral integrations targets enterprises

13 Mar 2019

RingCentral released several new tools for enterprises ahead of Enterprise Connect 2019, including a widget for adding RingCentral integrations to CRM and help desk apps. Read More

IT budgets are being controlled by marketing teams

28 Sep 2012

I did a story back in August about how KPMG research showed that IT budgets are increasingly controlled by marketing executives as customer relationship management (CRM) software becomes critical ... Read More

CRM vs. CX: How companies are pivoting in philosophies

17 Jan 2019

It might be time to retire the decades-old concept of CRM now that CX is appearing everywhere. Learn how embracing CX alters the thinking of enterprise leadership. Read More

Find the best data integration tools for your organization

01 May 2019

Read analysis and comparisons of data integration tools to help you select the right platform from the leading commercial and open source products currently on the market. Read More

Dreamforce 18: Benioff calls for ‘inclusive capitalism’

26 Sep 2018

At Dreamforce 2018 in San Francisco, Salesforce founder and co-CEO Marc Benioff argued for what he called “inclusive capitalism” and urged the technology industry to set the highest possible ethical standards Read More

CRM failing business due to lack of focus

06 Sep 2011

Customer relationship management (CRM) is failing to deliver business value, according to a study from the National Computer Centre (NCC). Read More

Contact center strives for strategic role

01 Jan 2012

Issue 2 highlights the contact center. Often an overlooked facet of customer relationship management (CRM), the contact center is usually the first way a customer reaches out to a company and thus should always be ... Read More