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Marketing automation tools make personalization possible

15 Nov 2018

Marketing automation software can be a game-changer for sales and marketing departments, as it helps simplify campaign management and gauge the performance of marketing efforts. Read More

CRM for nonprofits helps organization streamline work

12 Feb 2019

Wolverine Human Services' adoption of the Salesforce.org Nonprofit Cloud halved foster care licensing time and improved productivity within the agency. Read More

CRM solutions – Essential Guide

04 Aug 2009

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions and CRM products are a particular breed of business software application that allows a company to measure and control all of its contacts with customers. Read More

Putting ERP in the cloud

08 Apr 2010

Companies such as Salesforce.com have made it possible to put customer relationship management (CRM) systems in the cloud, but Read More

ERP customer relationship management guide

28 Oct 2009

ERP CRM modules can help manufacturers with customer MDM across the enterprise, including sales, marketing and services. Discover the features of CRM software in the ERP customer relationship management guide. Read More

Introduction to SCM CRM integration

17 Dec 2009

While supply chain management (SCM) and customer relationship management (CRM) are not commonly thought of together, these software systems make a powerful team. SCM CRM integration can help manufacturers connect ... Read More

Executive interview: Speed is cloud apps benefit, says Oracle’s Miranda

25 Sep 2019

In a Q&A with Computer Weekly at Oracle Open World 2019, applications head Steve Miranda discussed the supplier’s approach to cloud applications, digital assistants and machine learning Read More

Three steps to successful CRM

14 Apr 2010

To make a success of customer relationship management (CRM) systems CIOs need a clear strategy which builds on the corporate strategy and maps onto future...

Read More

Make marketing automation software choices to fit business needs

28 Mar 2019

Examine what core features leading marketing automation software vendors -- including Adobe, HubSpot and Oracle -- and CRM vendors -- including Microsoft, Salesforce and SAP -- offer. Read More

Five ways to save on CRM

26 May 2009

Businesses can boost their existing customer relationship management (CRM) with little or no extra spending by running customer communities. Read More