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Introduction to SCM CRM integration

17 Dec 2009

While supply chain management (SCM) and customer relationship management (CRM) are not commonly thought of together, these software systems make a powerful team. SCM CRM integration can help manufacturers connect ... Read More

ERP customer relationship management guide

28 Oct 2009

ERP CRM modules can help manufacturers with customer MDM across the enterprise, including sales, marketing and services. Discover the features of CRM software in the ERP customer relationship management guide. Read More

Five ways to save on CRM

26 May 2009

Businesses can boost their existing customer relationship management (CRM) with little or no extra spending by running customer communities. Read More

Aim for long-term customer identity relationship

30 Oct 2018

Consumer identity management can deliver competitive advantage, but only if businesses follow some golden rules, says KuppingerCole Read More

Dreamforce 2017: Benioff hails fourth industrial revolution

07 Nov 2017

Salesforce CEO bangs drum for AI-infused cloud CRM as plank in so-called “fourth industrial revolution”, with increased customisation of its software to the fore Read More

Salesforce Health Cloud for Payers brings CRM to insurance

27 Jul 2018

With its CRM system for payers, Salesforce is targeting a competitive market in which health insurers are fighting for members seeking lower costs and better health outcomes. Read More

Gogo's migration to AWS doesn't mean lock-in

14 Mar 2019

In-flight broadband service provider Gogo has joined other companies with an all-in cloud push toward AWS, while keeping an eye on portability and its long-term options. Read More

Cannabis CRM replicates dealer-customer relationship

02 Jul 2018

When a big-city medical marijuana business wanted to better serve clients, it opted for cannabis CRM software that tries to replicate the traditional dealer-customer relationship. Read More

SCM CRM FAQ: Integration tips

17 Dec 2009

Supply chain management (SCM) and customer relationship management (CRM) software can work together to strengthen connections with and better serve a manufacturer's customers. These common SCM CRM questions are a ... Read More

Advancements in automation: why AI won’t replace the human touch

01 Aug 2017

This is a guest blog post by Larry Augustin, CEO, Sugar CRM The way we engage with technology is changing constantly and there’s hardly a day that goes by where we don’t hear about Artifical ... Read More