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SCM CRM FAQ: Integration tips

17 Dec 2009

Supply chain management (SCM) and customer relationship management (CRM) software can work together to strengthen connections with and better serve a manufacturer's customers. These common SCM CRM questions are a ... Read More

The Dogs Trust gets its claws into the cloud

24 Feb 2017

Charity Dogs Trust is implementing a cloud-based consent platform to capture and manage supporter preferences and improve engagement Read More

Doing analytics the Disney way

26 Apr 2018

The Walt Disney Company’s head of solution integration tells how analytics helps to personalise the customer’s Disney experience, and how tech plays a leading role in The Lion King’s Broadway success Read More

How to fit companion apps into the desktop workflow

17 Nov 2017

Organizations looking for increased work access should look at companion apps, which can integrate mobile flexibility with established desktop infrastructures. Read More

Cyber security salaries will rise 7% in 2018, says research

30 Jan 2018

Salaries for increasingly popular technology roles such as cyber security are set to rise over the next year Read More

4 CX challenges facing organizations and how to address them

11 Mar 2019

There are many barriers to effective CX initiatives, but most revolve around communication, on both the consumer and enterprise sides of the equation. Read More

How can distributors create an omnichannel supply chain?

19 Mar 2019

Manufacturers need to be aware of the impact of omnichannel on their operations so they can determine what additional functions they'll need in three specific areas. Read More

3 ways the data scientist role benefits CX teams

19 Mar 2019

CX teams don't traditionally include the data scientist role, but adding one can help derive more value from customer data than a CX analyst or canned analytics software can. Read More

How does Salesforce Einstein Language NLP improve productivity?

18 Oct 2018

Salesforce NLP learns in a manner similar to that of the human brain, performing a variety of functions, such as semantic parsing, summarization and more. Read More