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Dreamforce 2017: Benioff hails fourth industrial revolution

07 Nov 2017

Salesforce CEO bangs drum for AI-infused cloud CRM as plank in so-called “fourth industrial revolution”, with increased customisation of its software to the fore Read More

Patient engagement technology can improve outcomes and enhance care

06 Mar 2017

Patient engagement tools, such as virtual assistants and health apps, can help healthcare providers improve the physician-patient relationship and improve outcomes. Read More

Scottish councils take a step closer to shared CRM system

13 Aug 2007

The National Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Project for Scotland has selected Lagan as the preferred supplier for its CRM system. Read More

With CEM market in sight, SAP must fit in new Qualtrics pieces

16 Nov 2018

One of SAP's top priorities must now be integrating Qualtrics into the ERP giant's product suite, analysts and a customer said. But putting the pieces together may not be easy. Read More

Three-quarters of European firms to expand CRM projects this year, says Gartner

29 Jan 2009

More than three quarters of European customer relationship management (CRM) users are planning to enhance their investments this year despite the recession,...

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Advancements in automation: why AI won’t replace the human touch

01 Aug 2017

This is a guest blog post by Larry Augustin, CEO, Sugar CRM The way we engage with technology is changing constantly and there’s hardly a day that goes by where we don’t hear about Artifical ... Read More

3 ways the data scientist role benefits CX teams

19 Mar 2019

CX teams don't traditionally include the data scientist role, but adding one can help derive more value from customer data than a CX analyst or canned analytics software can. Read More

Experts: Role-based access to apps can improve productivity, training

19 Nov 2009

The hardest part of implementing business process management (BPM), ERP or even customer relationship management (CRM) can be training users to do their jobs using the new tool. To trim that ... Read More

Portakabin’s biggest-ever IT investment unifies CRM

14 Mar 2017

Modular construction firm is moving to a single source of business information through cloud technology and services Read More

Marketing automation tools deliver personalization, customer focus

28 Mar 2019

When buying a marketing automation product, it's important to consider key features, how the tool addresses the organization's size, deployment options, support and pricing. Read More