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Amazon Go strives to put a stake in the e-commerce market

21 Dec 2016

Amazon is carving out new capabilities in the e-commerce market with its Amazon Go service -- which may have a profound impact on CRM, according to expert Jeff Kaplan. Read More

Norway’s tax administration combats economic crime through IT

17 Apr 2018

Authority has updated its IT system to step up the fight against tax evasion Read More

Storage the favourite use case for public cloud customers

05 Jul 2017

Despite lingering trust issues, storage and backup are key use cases in the public cloud, says Barracuda survey. Meanwhile, Microsoft Azure is Europe’s favourite cloud provider Read More

Essential population health management tools: HIE, CRM, data analytics

06 Apr 2017

With population health management tools, one size does not fit all and that's why it's important to include a mixture of technologies including HIEs, CRM and data analytics. Read More

SAP CRM and R/3 cross business processes

14 Jul 2006

A list of the business processes that cross both SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and SAP R/3. Read More

Nimble offers Nimble Cloud Volumes all-flash cloud storage

27 Feb 2017

Hybrid and all-flash array maker extends offer to the cloud with Nimble Cloud Volumes cloud storage that can be provisioned for compute on Amazon or Microsoft clouds or on-premise Read More

CRM strategies for SMBs

03 Oct 2007

Customer relationship management software helps companies keep customers happy. Learn more with our top five CRM tips for SMBs. Read More

The kink in multicloud? Cloud software services built for lock-in

14 Jul 2017

CIOs have been urged to assemble a panoply of cloud services to get the most out of cloud. Cloud software vendors make that hard to do. Read More

HubSpot CMS targets WordPress users with stand-alone product

12 Nov 2018

With the growing importance of customer experience personalization, HubSpot is offering its CMS as a stand-alone product to help customers' web businesses. Read More

5 things to know about Salesforce Customer 360

11 Apr 2019

Salesforce Customer 360 -- a tool that connects customer data stored in multiple silos -- is currently in beta and will be available to all users later this year. Read More