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Integrating business processes with SaaS financial applications

08 Mar 2019

Organizations should consider integrating business processes, such as HR and supply chain, with SaaS financial applications to attain better business alignment and better results. Read More

Where Next for CRM?

01 Jun 2015

Customer relationship management (CRM) still leaves a lot to be desired. Many users avoid it - the user experience does not often provide sufficient perceived added value for the work put in. Maybe ... Read More

SAP buys e-commerce company Hybris to move into CRM market

06 Jun 2013

SAP is moving into the CRM market with its purchase of Hybris, a Swiss customer relationship management (CRM) supplier Read More

Co-op pushes to make customer care teams more co-operative

06 Jun 2019

The Co-op operates in market segments ranging from funeral care to food, and its customer service strategy was disparate until it adopted Salesforce Read More

How are contact center vendors using APIs?

27 Jul 2018

APIs are gaining relevance, as contact centers move to a more omnichannel experience. API expert Tsahi Levent-Levi explains how contact centers work with CPaaS providers. Read More

Salesforce acquisition of Tableau likely to bring changes

29 Oct 2019

Since Salesforce's Tableau acquisition, many have wondered what will happen to Tableau's on-premises customers. Find out what industry experts have to say. Read More

How experience-based differentiation can be a CX fast track

07 Oct 2019

CX is a top priority within organizations, but successful adoption can take time. A framework called experience-based differentiation can help businesses speed up the process. Read More

Are AI applications failing to live up to hype in enterprise adoption?

30 Oct 2019

Artificial intelligence has been baked into enterprise applications in recent years and often given special names, such as Einstein, Leonardo and Coleman. But has the hype delivered? Read More

10 ERP software choices for process manufacturing

06 Nov 2019

Selecting ERP software for process manufacturing can be confusing, and different industries have different requirements. Learn about some of the leading choices for process manufacturing. Read More

IT Priorities 2019: UK investment intent for AI intensifies, SaaS applications mature beyond CRM

19 Feb 2019

AI continues to strengthen as a focus for IT systems buyers in the UK, according to this year’s Computer Weekly/TechTarget IT Priorities survey, while cloud applications are maturing beyond CRM Read More