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SAP buys e-commerce company Hybris to move into CRM market

06 Jun 2013

SAP is moving into the CRM market with its purchase of Hybris, a Swiss customer relationship management (CRM) supplier Read More

Where Next for CRM?

01 Jun 2015

Customer relationship management (CRM) still leaves a lot to be desired. Many users avoid it - the user experience does not often provide sufficient perceived added value for the work put in. Maybe ... Read More

Zendesk Sell apps marketplace extends Sunshine CRM platform

03 Oct 2019

Zendesk's Sunshine CRM gets an apps marketplace built on its Sell sales force automation platform, adapted from the 2018 acquisition of FutureSimple's Base. Read More

Gant uses Cegid to streamline functions across all markets

31 May 2019

As retailer Gant begins to mirror its core operations across all of the countries it operates in, global IT manager Ricky Dematagollage explains what part Cegid will play in the process Read More

Upland Software extends its portfolio with CRO tool Altify

11 Nov 2019

Features offered by Altify include analytics with Salesforce Einstein and Tableau, relationship map visualizations and integrations with applications in the CRO tool ecosystem. Read More

StepChange uses Pegasystems to power digital efficiency drive

15 Mar 2019

Charity StepChange, which helps people manage debt problems, has developed a modern IT system to help double the number of people it can support Read More

Examine low-code development platform options

28 Feb 2019

Nontechnical users can now build applications with little or no coding experience. However, there are many factors to consider before you jump in. Read More

How Salesforce mobile Einstein Voice Assistant can improve CX

20 Nov 2019

The Salesforce mobile app’s Einstein Voice Assistant brings a variety of benefits to customers. The AI-enabled tool creates a more human interaction and could help improve self-service. Read More

IT Priorities 2019: ASEAN organisations lay digital foundations

13 Mar 2019

Organisations in Southeast Asia are planning to shore up their IT infrastructure to speed up application development and become more customer focused Read More

Beyond customer sentiment: How to put NLP technology to work

01 May 2019

Natural language processing tools and apps have finally arrived -- but how are organizations putting NLP to work? Here are some possibilities that might not be obvious. Read More