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Business text messaging examples that engage customers

20 Dec 2019

Business text messaging is making its way into enterprise CRM. Texting is among the most personal contacts people receive, and with proper use, can enhance customer relationships. Read More

Gartner: Big data will transform customer relationship management technology

21 May 2013

CIOs need to start thinking how to integrate big data into their customer relationship management (CRM) systems, says technology analyst Read More

Slack acquires Astro for email AI interoperability

28 Sep 2018

In UC news, Slack acquires AI-powered email platform Astro, while CounterPath launches a team collaboration platform for SMBs. Read More

How experience-based differentiation can be a CX fast track

07 Oct 2019

CX is a top priority within organizations, but successful adoption can take time. A framework called experience-based differentiation can help businesses speed up the process. Read More

Pete Stiglich

Clarity Solution Group

Pete Stiglich is the principal for the Clarity Solution Group with over 20 years of IT experience in the fields of data modeling, data warehousing, business intelligence, metadata management, data integration, customer relationship management (CRM), customer data integration (CDI), database design and administration, data quality and transaction processing.Read More

Salesforce acquisition of Tableau likely to bring changes

29 Oct 2019

Since Salesforce's Tableau acquisition, many have wondered what will happen to Tableau's on-premises customers. Find out what industry experts have to say. Read More

UCaaS market for next-generation features APIs, AI, more

29 Aug 2018

The market for unified communications as a service is getting crowded. To stand out, vendors must now offer next-gen features, such as AI and contact center integration. Read More

Eight tips to lead your prospect from discovery to purchase

20 Feb 2019

With stronger competition than ever, it can be difficult for the channel to help their teams succeed in their sales proposals – here are eight tips to help you on your way Read More

Are AI applications failing to live up to hype in enterprise adoption?

30 Oct 2019

Artificial intelligence has been baked into enterprise applications in recent years and often given special names, such as Einstein, Leonardo and Coleman. But has the hype delivered? Read More

Why use third-party marketing automation instead of native CRM tools?

10 Jun 2019

Though many CRM platforms offer native marketing automation tools, many organizations find it beneficial to use a third-party application, such as Eloqua or Marketo. Read More