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10 ERP software choices for process manufacturing

06 Nov 2019

Selecting ERP software for process manufacturing can be confusing, and different industries have different requirements. Learn about some of the leading choices for process manufacturing. Read More

Microsoft dominates SaaS thanks to collaboration software

22 Aug 2018

Microsoft’s software-as-a-service business is growing at 45% a year, well ahead of the rest of the market, reports Synergy Research Group Read More

Discover the leading platform vendors enabling CX management

16 May 2019

Take a look at these in-depth roundups that detail the leading products that help companies manage their customer experience as well as their notable features and buying options. Read More

Mobile CRM software seems like a no-brainer; but is it?

10 Jun 2014

Mobile customer relationship management software can benefit a variety of workers and industries. So, why is mobile CRM slow to take off? Read More

Dreamforce 2019: Benioff puts data centre stage as protestors disrupt speech

20 Nov 2019

Salesforce founder and co-CEO outlines data integration and data visualisation product vision underpinned by MuleSoft and garnished with Tableau Read More

Identify the best RPA tools using these points of consideration

05 Jun 2019

A successful RPA implementation depends on selecting the proper tool. Learn about the different capabilities and other points of consideration when looking at the options. Read More

Consumer rights champion Which? begins digital journey

25 Oct 2018

Consumer rights organisation has always had a subscription business, but is now transforming into a digital one through cloud computing Read More

How to remove the paper trail

10 Apr 2019

The speed with which a contract is signed is often the rate-determining step in a digitally enabled business process Read More

Gartner: Deriving value from Big Data for CRM

30 Jul 2014

Big data presents many CRM opportunities, but to be effective and derive business value, customer insights generated by well-managed and analysed big data must be put into action. During the next few years, ... Read More

Pegasystems gives the channel the Infinity option

08 Jun 2018

The way some companies use CRM is less engaging than enraging. But Pegasystems has a suite of tools to help resellers fix that for clients Read More