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Densify: it's time to kill 'tribal knowledge' in cloud management

18 Jun 2019

The technology industry likes to use the CRM acronym; it is normally used to shorten Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technologies. But CRM now means something else too; in these cloud-native ... Read More

CRM case studies: Customer relationship management in action

30 Apr 2018

CRM for today's businesses means AI chatbots, data mining, marketing personalization and equipping call centers to handle the many channels available to customers. Read More

SugarCRM mobile SDK, coz customisation counts

02 Oct 2017

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Relationship Intelligence (RI) software company SugarCRM has launched a mobile Software Development Kit (SDK). The SDK can be used to develop ... Read More

Enterprise opportunities for smart speakers

20 Feb 2018

In this week's Computer Weekly as voice-activated smart speakers grow in popularity, we examine how IT teams can use the technology in enterprise applications. Our latest buyer's guide looks at the latest ... Read More

Salesforce teams up with Alibaba in foray into China

24 Jul 2019

The cloud applications giant is tapping Alibaba’s footprint in e-commerce and cloud in an effort to expand its business in the Greater China region Read More

Salesforce buys Tableau to add self-service analytics to CRM

10 Jun 2019

Salesforce is set to buy business intelligence data visualisation pioneer Tableau as it seeks to amplify its customer analytics capability Read More

Choosing between single- vs. multivendor strategy for CRM

26 Mar 2019

There are two ways to set up a CX tech stack -- either an integrated CRM suite or best-of-breed approach. There are benefits to each model, and the two are compared here. Read More

How machine learning in data centers optimizes operations

22 Jul 2019

Machine learning can help manage your data center more efficiently and address power consumption concerns and hardware maintenance. Today's tools make implementation easy and effective. Read More

Public sector outsourcing spend plummets

14 May 2019

Private sector outsourcing dominated spending in the UK during the first quarter of 2019 Read More

A Computer Weekly buyer’s guide to customer experience

14 Aug 2017

Customer relationship management is a vital focus for many organisations. In this 13-page buyer’s guide, Computer Weekly looks at co-ordinating data for effective CRM, how to reduce the risk of Salesforce, and what... Read More