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Threat Hunting and Machine Learning

sponsored by Dell SecureWorks Published: 25 Sep 2019 eGuide

In this e-guide, Fidelis president and CEO Nick Lantuh explains why more organizations should embrace the threat hunting process as part of their cybersecurity strategy and shares threat hunting best practices. ...

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Cloud Security: Combat Threats to Your SaaS-Powered Business

sponsored by Arctic Wolf Published: 09 Oct 2018 White Paper

In today's rapidly evolving threat landscape, businesses require cybersecurity strategies that leverage capabilities delivered by a world-class SOC. Download this white paper to learn how you can establish a ...

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Improving Cybersecurity with ITAM: An Equifax Case Study

sponsored by Snow Software Published: 31 Oct 2019 Webcast

Leveraging IT Asset Management (ITAM) can help protect your organization from the repercussions of data breaches. And with data breaches becoming an increasing occurrence, organizations must re-evaluate their ...

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The State of Texas protects its data with a Defense in Depth cybersecurity strategy

sponsored by Capgemini Published: 23 Dec 2019 Case Study

In this case study, uncover how the State of Texas Department of Information Resources developed a holistic security strategy in order to preserve the privacy of citizen data and protect personally identifiable ...

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Where to Invest Next to Mature Cybersecurity

sponsored by CrowdStrike Published: 27 Mar 2019 White Paper

To help your organization answer questions like, "Where should we invest next?" this white paper identifies the critical decision points that companies arrive at as they mature their cybersecurity strategy – ...

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Closing the Cybersecurity Gap

sponsored by Splunk Published: 21 Nov 2018

Discover 3 steps to help you move towards a more intelligence-driven cybersecurity strategy that takes full advantage of your available resources and skills.

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Top 6 Reasons to More Carefully Consider Client-Side Security

sponsored by Tala Security Published: 13 Jan 2020 White Paper

As online channels for retail grow in popularity, so too do the risks associated with attackers stealing personal and financial data. In this white paper, discover the top 6 reasons why you should more carefully ...

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Secureworks Red Cloak Threat Detection and Response Application

sponsored by Dell SecureWorks Published: 31 May 2019 Research Content

Threat prevention isn't enough, as cyberthreats can circumvent threat defenses, and compromise IT assets. This is where threat detection and response come into play. The tools used for these tasks are referred to ...

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Moorabool Shire Council Case Study

sponsored by Mimecast Published: 10 Dec 2019 Case Study

In this case study, discover how Moorabool Shire Council was able to immediately reduce the number of phishing and whaling attacks in order to reduce IT workload while maintaining security for the 250 email users ...

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ThreatQ for Healthcare

sponsored by ThreatQuotient Published: 17 Jan 2020 Data Sheet

The personal health information that healthcare providers process and store make them enticing targets for hackers. The average cost of a data breach over the past 2 years is $2.2 million, and the number of attacks...

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