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BI and Analytics on a Data Lake

sponsored by MapR Published: 05 Oct 2017 eBook

BI and analytics plus big data equals an explosive business differentiator across all industries and regions. Discover how you can create actionable insights by building big data BI and analytics on data lakes and ...

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Data Analytics for IoT

sponsored by Vitria Technology, Inc. Published: 26 Apr 2018 Resource

The ability to capture and filter the most significant data out of IoT devices will likely make the difference for which businesses get the most value out of their IoT investments. Use this resource to develop a 6-...

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Analytics in a Big Data World

sponsored by ComputerWeekly.com Published: 20 Oct 2014 Book

This extract from Bart Baesen's book gives an overview of big data and analytics, its applications, analytic models, and job profiles in analytics, and includes a discount code for Computer Weekly readers.

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Big Data Analytics

sponsored by ComputerWeekly.com Published: 21 Sep 2012 Analyst Report

IDC explores the initial impact that Big Data is having on organisations, its impact on IT architectures, delivery models and future roadmaps.

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VIA IoT Analytic Data Flow

sponsored by Vitria Technology, Inc. Published: 14 Nov 2017 White Paper

Many companies face serious challenges when it comes to actually implementing IoT analytics. Learn about the Vitria Analytic Data Flow platform and discover how to integrate data from multiple sources, accelerate ...

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Analytic Data Flow: Visual Development for Analytic and IoT Apps

sponsored by Vitria Technology, Inc. Published: 13 Nov 2017 White Paper

Learn about the VIA Analytic Data Flow platform and discover how to process streaming data flows in visual, low-code development environments.

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Big Data Analytics Best Practices

sponsored by SearchBusinessAnalytics Published: 01 Jul 2013 eGuide

"Big data" has become one of the most talked about trends within the business intelligence (BI), analytics and data management markets. With vendors marketing a wide variety of technology offerings aimed at ...

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Data Monetization Strategies with Analytics

sponsored by Information Builders Published: 31 Dec 2017 White Paper

This white paper provides a 4-step data monetization outline, explores 3 common challenges of monetizing data, and explains why you need integration, data quality, and self-service analytics capabilities to support...

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Break Down the Barriers to Better Data Analytics

sponsored by TIBCO Published: 31 Dec 2017 eBook

Discover how your business can approach data analytics challenges and overcome them to get more value out of your data.

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5 Data Management Best Practices for Analytics

sponsored by SAS Published: 17 Apr 2018 White Paper

In this white paper, discover 5 key data management practices that support advanced analytics and deeper insights through improved data quality, data integration and data preparation.

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