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A Data Quality Primer: Using Data Quality Tools and Techniques to Improve Business Value

sponsored by Melissa Published: 17 May 2018 eBook

This 48-page data quality e-book focuses on these challenges: understanding when data values are or are not valid and correct, how data values can be made correct, and how data cleansing services can be integrated ...

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Free Data Migration Tools? Not So Fast (Or, For That Matter, Not So Effective)

sponsored by Cirrus Data Solutions Published: 18 Aug 2017 White Paper

This whitepaper details one solution that is expressly designed to move large, active data (and smaller, inactive data too) without disrupting application performance or causing extended periods of downtime.

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Data Visualization Techniques From Basics to Big Data

sponsored by SAS Published: 24 May 2017 White Paper

This white paper discusses some basic issues of data visualization and provides suggestions for addressing them. Discover how to overcome common data visualization challenges.

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Deploying Predictive Analytics Models

sponsored by DataRobot Published: 06 Mar 2018 Resource

Learn more about these 5 methods to deploy predictive models so that your business can turn analytics into results.

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Model Risk Management

sponsored by DataRobot Published: 02 Mar 2018 White Paper

While businesses benefit from predictive models based on machine learning and artificial intelligence, they open themselves up to increased model risk. Discover how automated model development can help ensure your ...

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Bring Your Data Together With Customizable Data Models

sponsored by Pyramid Analytics Published: 04 Nov 2016 White Paper

Learn about a BI program that gives self-service users the freedom to manage their own data with the helpful guidance of preconfigured models to simplify the data modeling process. Plus discover how to eliminate ...

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Multi-Vector Protection: Defense-in-Depth With Layered Techniques for Corporate Endpoints

sponsored by Tech Data - MalwareBytes Published: 23 Apr 2018 Resource

Corporate endpoints are under constant attack. According to the Verizon 2017 DBIR 51% of corporate breaches included malware. Access this resource to find out why securing your organization's endpoints requires ...

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Tools and Techniques for Managing Apps Across Countless Delivery Methods, Endpoint Types, and OSes

sponsored by TechTarget Published: 18 Oct 2016 Resource

This 11-page guide – curated by the editorial, objective experts at SearchMobileComputing.com – is jam-packed with invaluable tips for effectively managing today's mobility headaches in the face of vendor rhetoric,...

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Backup and Disaster Recovery: What you need to Know About Data Reduction Techniques

sponsored by Veeam Software Published: 31 Dec 2017 White Paper

Read this white paper to examine the trade-offs between the backup benefit of deduplication, and the business value it provides, as well as an outline of what could be the ideal way to perform data reduction.

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Modern Data Warehousing: Analytics without the Modeling

sponsored by Incorta Published: 30 Sep 2017 Research Content

This Eckerson Group report details 3 new approaches to data-driven environments that are replacing traditional approaches of data warehousing. Learn how the downsides of traditional data warehousing are being ...

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