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Dell Storage SC Series Data Reduction with Deduplication and Compression

sponsored by Data#3 Published: 29 Dec 2017 White Paper

Data deduplication programs could be your best bet for managing increased storage capacity demands on a limited budget. In this white paper, learn about Dell Storage SC Series' data reduction and deduplication tools

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Inside HPE 3PAR Adaptive Data Reduction

sponsored by Hewlett Packard Enterprise Published: 31 Dec 2017 White Paper

In this white paper, learn about HPE 3PAR which is designed explicitly to turn off compression and deduplication for certain workloads to help you save on storage cost. Then see how this system compares to ...

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Backup and Disaster Recovery: What you need to Know About Data Reduction Techniques

sponsored by Veeam Software Published: 31 Dec 2017 White Paper

Read this white paper to examine the trade-offs between the backup benefit of deduplication, and the business value it provides, as well as an outline of what could be the ideal way to perform data reduction.

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Global De-Duplication for Encrypted Data

sponsored by Carbonite Published: 19 Feb 2018 White Paper

Global deduplication removes redundant data across the entire organization, not just individual systems. Download this white paper to uncover a global deduplication technology that is executed on encrypted data ...

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Manage Growing Data Volumes with Data Deduplication

sponsored by arcserve Published: 27 Aug 2015 White Paper

This white paper discusses technology advances that can combat the exponential growth of virtual machines and data, such as data deduplication. Read on to learn how data deduplication can help simplify and improve ...

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What Keeps CIOs Awake at Night: Risk Reduction and Data Recovery

sponsored by Commvault Published: 08 Mar 2016 Video

This video explores how one backup and recovery system helps increase businesses' confidence in their ability to protect critical data. Find out what Phil Goodwin, a research director at IDC, has to say about ...

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Demystifying Data Deduplication: The 3 Types of Dedupe

sponsored by Reduxio Published: 16 Sep 2016 Resource

In this resource, learn about the 3 different types of deduplication commonly used today, and a list of the pros and cons of each system, so that you can make the smartest choice for your organization's dedupe ...

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How Data Deduplication Works and Why You Need it for Your Server Backups

sponsored by Druva Software Published: 15 Mar 2018 White Paper

This white paper outlines the capabilities of data deduplication and why you might want to consider making it a part of your server backup strategy to help minimize storage costs. Click inside to learn about a ...

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Scale-Out Data Deduplication, Cloning and Replication for Object Storage

sponsored by AWS - StorReduce Published: 02 May 2018 White Paper

This white paper outlines a specialized cloud deduplication tool, designed to sit between your apps and an object store to ensure you're optimizing storage capacity. Click inside to learn about the architecture of,...

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Don’t Be Duped by Deduplication

sponsored by arcserve Published: 29 Feb 2016 Webcast

In this comprehensive webcast, learn how to achieve 93% data reduction across 125 protected servers. Find out about the challenges and benefits you may come across when applying deduplication to your backup in this...

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