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How Can You Avoid a Web Security Breach? It's All in the Preparation

sponsored by SearchSecurity.com Published: 14 Nov 2013 eGuide

In this e-guide, from SearchCompliance.com, discover simple steps in order to avoid web security breaches.

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Data Breach: Security Investigation, Detection and Rapid Response

sponsored by Splunk Published: 01 May 2017 White Paper

Discover the specific items to investigate when there is a security incident alert, what your analysts need to determine during a breach to mitigate further damage, the 6 most common steps in determining the impact...

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The Anatomy of a Data Breach

sponsored by SailPoint Technologies Published: 12 Dec 2017 White Paper

43% of the time data breaches are directly caused by insiders, according to SailPoint Technologies. Explore this white paper to gain insight into the anatomy of data breaches through 4 phases to help protect your ...

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Data Breaches in Europe

sponsored by ComputerWeekly.com Published: 14 Oct 2014 Research Content

The personal data of millions of Europeans have been compromised with 89% of the breaches the fault of corporations, according to this investigation by the Central European University.

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Notifiable Data Breach Scheme

sponsored by Fortinet, Inc. Published: 07 May 2018 Video

In this webcast, learn from leading cybersecurity experts Troy Hunt and Toan Trinh on why the Notifiable Data Breach Scheme (NDB) is important, who it affects and how organizations can prepare.

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The Notifiable Data Breach Scheme

sponsored by Fortinet, Inc. Published: 30 Dec 2016 White Paper

Discover the contents and implications of recent Australia's notifiable data breach (NDB) scheme, and explore some of the key network security challenges posed by its reporting and regulatory burden.

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Essential guide to dealing with a data breach

sponsored by ComputerWeekly.com Published: 03 Jan 2018 Essential Guide

Computer Weekly's essential guide to dealing with a data breach looks at companies that have been affected and offers advice on how to respond to cyber security occurrences

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How to Avoid Being the Victim of a Data Breach

sponsored by Evident Published: 30 Nov 2017 Webcast

There are 3.8 million data records stolen every day, according to Continuum. No businesses are safe, so how can you stay ahead of hackers? This webcast offers insight into what is driving the growth of security ...

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Information security breaches survey 2012

sponsored by ComputerWeekly.com Published: 24 Apr 2012 IT Briefing

Rising security breaches cost UK billions over the last 12 months as cyber attacks reached record levels, according to the 2012 Information Security Breaches survey.

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Responding Efficiently to Major Data Breaches

sponsored by Nuix Published: 27 Feb 2018 White Paper

In this white paper, learn about the GDPR's 72-hour breach notification rule, as well as a platform designed to help you comply to this new regulation through deep content scans, automatic termination of malicious ...

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